The Front of All Against All

Today for deputies Waldo Wolff and Gerardo Milman will not be another day. It is that they plan to travel to Warsaw, Poland, and, from there, to Ukraine, the country that has been attacked by Russia for months under the regime of Vladimir Putin.

These are two of the legislators closest to the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, who was also very active in the face of the Russian invasion and its disastrous consequences.

For this reason, for a week, including three days of travel, the deputies of Together for Change will seek to take the position that the opposition embodied in the face of the war.

Wolff comes from participating in an act at the Book Fair that was organized for the Day of Ukraine in which an end to the war promoted by Russia was requested, and which included the president of the Central Representation of Ukraine in the Argentine Republic , the neurosurgeon Pedro Lylyk and the president of the PRO.

In this framework, with Milman, they presented a document in which they proposed to different parliamentarians from around the world to go to Ukraine in an international delegation. In this context, the Chamber of Deputies approved the trip of the two deputies who, in addition, have direct Ukrainian descent.

Wolff is the grandson of Ukrainians: his maternal grandfather was born in a village on the outskirts of kyiv. While Milman is the son of Ukrainian immigrants who arrived in Argentina decades ago, precisely escaping from the war.

“The idea is to enter to express solidarity, give political support to the space that we represent and meet with the political forces and civil society in Ukraine,” Wolff told PROFILE. And he added: “The Government has aligned itself with the Russian position that is not consistent with the historical Argentine position in democracy on respecting the self-determination of the peoples. And he never condemned human rights violations. For a country to attack its neighbor is a violation.”

“The government made an inexplicable silence about Putin. We are going to raise our voices against him in the name of many Argentines”, he adds.

And he adds: “We are going to carry the flag of the position of an enormous majority of Argentina that embraces the values ​​that we are declaiming,” he concluded.

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