Deputies resumed the debate on the situation of UVA mortgage loans
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After receiving in plenary sessions officials, former officials, decision makers UVA creditsauthorities of banking entities and associations, a new meeting was held to analyze different projects of the ruling party and the opposition to give solution to the problem of UVA mortgage loans.

The Finance Commissionheaded by the deputy of the front of allAlicia Aparicio, continued with the debate on the treatment of projects to provide a solution to UVA mortgage loan takers.

In this regard, Deputy Aparicio – who presented a project in this regard – explained that “we have a large number of projects, the idea is to address the beginning of this issue with the idea of ​​facilitating solutions and reaching political agreements.” she remembered the three briefings that “they have been very fruitful and we have been able to make the problem visible, with 31 speakers in three days.”

The legislator explained that it is a universe of 105 thousand credit takers and 70% were taken, for the most part, by public banks, 47% corresponds to Banco Nación, 13% to Banco Provincia, 9% to Banco Ciudad and a smaller portion granted by private entities. “It is necessary to find a solution that allows to give peace of mind to the borrowing families and at the same time not affect the patrimony of public entities”, added Aparicio.

the radical deputy Julio Cobos recalled that in April of this year he presented a project to renegotiate contracts; held the call because “it is not only to find a solution for the mortgaged but to see if we recovered the credit in ArgentinaToday there is none and the need is great”. “It is a problem that has been detected by the three powers. When the salary-quota ratio was broken, it caused a contractual inequality,” he said.

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“The solution must contemplate a shared effort, between the state, bank and beneficiaries. And you have to chase the future credits and the situation backwards, that it alleviates the situation of the borrowers, that it does not underfund the state and that it does not harm savings or the financial system, that reactivate the mortgage credit system, sustained in time. Establish that it is for a single home, that it is upgradable that it is not paid beyond the salary variation coefficient, that the mismatch is covered through a compensating fund”, Cobos pointed out.

For her part, the deputy Myriam Bregmann PTS – Left Front and Workers – Unity, described the problem as “a state scam organized by a state law and voted by a majority of legislators.

Most of the loans were granted by state banks, the only thing that moves us is the situation of the families. An urgent solution must be found.” “The auctions began, that is the most serious thing. We have to set a date for this to be dealt with urgently”, he alerted.

Inflation, according to Tetaz, “prevents long-term credit”

From Radical Evolution, martin tetaz He stated that “Argentina is one of the countries with the least mortgage credit. He has a serious problem and has no credit.” “He has a serious problem which is inflation and this prevents long-term credit. UVA credits appear in this context. As a first measure we have to defend the system and correct for the drop in inflation”.

After defending this type of credit, the deputy added that “the problem is called money illusionis the fall in wages and the solution is to end inflation and develop a capital market”.

Meanwhile, the legislature Alexander Rodriguez (Buenaerense Identity), highlighted the work of the commission and the commitment. “From the scammed to the officials and former officials, it has given an analysis floor that forces us to make public policy decisions,” she said. “There is a problem and it has public relevance, therefore, it requires public intervention with prudent, intelligent, virtuous decisions, and setting a path of best practices for the future.”

Rodríguez proposed a seriously worked mechanism to find a way to finance some kind of compensation to the victims and evaluate “with the Ministry of Economy, with the government and the corresponding actors, analyze the 527 billion pesos -which during 2023- will have a surplus added by public companies and trust funds. A niche of resources that we can evaluate, ”she stressed.


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