Deputies: the opposition asked Massa to unify the sessions this Thursday

The request of the head of the official caucus, German Martinez, accepted and formalized by the presidency of the lower house, it was convened one hour before the time set for the special session that the opposition blocs had requested to debate the single paper ballot projects.

On Thursday, the ruling party will seek to gather allies to try to reach a quorum of 129. In the event that the session takes place, part of the opposition arch will be frustrated the possibility that they can try to gather the quorum to finalize the session on the single ballot, since at that time the plenary requested by the Frente de Todos would be taking place.

Faced with this scenario, the main opposition bloc leaders and other deputies such as Mario Negri, Cristian Ritondo, Silvia Lopennato, Florencio Randazzo, José Luis Espert, Margarita Stolbizer, Emilo Monzó and Carlos Gutiérrez, among others, they met to sign the new request for a joint session.

There, they proposed joining the agenda and dealing with a single ballot in the first place and continuing with the consensus agenda: HIV, Industrial Hemp and medicinal cannabis and incentives for construction.

“The deputies who requested tomorrow’s session meet to discuss #SinglePaperBoleta. We send a note to Sergio Massa to request that our session be unified with the one requested by the ruling party and that our initiative be put to consideration first,” said the head of the UCR bloc, Mario Negri, on his social networks.

It remains to be seen what Sergio Massa’s response will be, who first met this Wednesday with the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and later, had lunch with the president Alberto Fernandez at the Pink House.


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