Vyacheslav Datsik during the fight against Jeff Monson

Vyacheslav Datsik defeated Jeff Monson by unanimous decision in the main fight of the REN TV Fight Club, which took place in Moscow on August 5. All three judges gave the victory to Red Tarzan with a score of 29–28. Datsik himself said that he did not fight at full strength. However, experts note that his opponent, an American with a Russian passport, an ex-contender for the title of UFC champion, and now a deputy of the City Duma of Krasnogorsk near Moscow, behaved very decently for his age. The card also turned out to be competitive, especially the battle between Gadzhi “Automatic” Navruzov and Fernando Rodriguez. The Brazilian turned out to be stronger, but he is ready to give the Russian a revenge. By the way, this was the first REN TV Fight Club tournament in an MMA cage, and not in a ring.

Honor and respect

Vyacheslav Datsik was considered the favorite of the fight against Jeff Monson. Although Monson is an experienced fighter, he won the ADCC World Grappling Championship twice, in 2006 he fought for the UFC heavyweight title. A very accomplished athlete. But he is already 51 years old. Datsik is also a lot – 41, he has been performing since 1999, but now, thanks to constant training and a calm lifestyle, he has reached the peak of his form.

On the eve of the fight, Vyacheslav promised not to hit Monson hard – and he kept his word. The audience did not see a real battle – except perhaps an exhibition one. The first round was taken by Monson – due to control in the stalls. The remaining two are Datsik, who did not allow the opponent to carry out a takedown, but also pressed him to the net and hit his stomach. On the belly, not on the face. Result: the victory of the Red Tarzan by unanimous decision of the judges.

Usually, after such fights, criticism from all sides pours on the organizers. But here the situation is reversed: if you look at the comments on YouTube, most users praise Datsik for “noblely did not beat grandfather.”

“There was little time to fight, only 20 seconds, so there was no danger,” Datsik said after the fight. — Jeff is a good and respected fighter. I have no aggression towards him. They had fun and fought kayfovo. I remembered my signature somersaults – “datsik-giri”. It seems to have hit, but not in the jaw. Why was he punched in the chest? Why punch a deputy in the face?! He still has to perform, probably. I showed him the full power of nuclear fists – so that his soul would weaken and so that he would not be zealous in the fight – his breath would weaken. I did not include all the nonsense. Why should I kill a respected person? I like him. What is at least worth the fact that he comes out under the anthem of the Soviet Union. Honor and respect.

Russian mixed style fighter Vyacheslav Datsik during the fight against Jeff Monson

Photo: Izvestiya / Dmitry Korotaev

It should be noted that the holder of a Russian passport, MP Monson, entered the hall not to the anthem of the USSR, but to the song “Soviet March” by British composer Jame Hannigan, which was written for the game Red Alert 3. But these are subtleties.

“I had an assumption that if Datsik did not win quickly, then he would have to tinker further,” Kamil Gadzhiev, president of AMC Fight Nights, emphasized to Izvestia. – That’s what happened. But I bet more on knockout. Since Monson is still fighting at that age, it means that he is back in more or less decent shape. After all, a few years ago, he already looked bad. Now well done!

The main conclusion is that now Datsik has a victory over the future UFC champion (in 1999, at the age of 18, he knocked out Andrei Orlovsky) and over two contenders for the UFC champion title (at 41 he knocked out Antonio Silva and beat Monson ). On September 24, Vyacheslav will meet in the ring with former Pride fighter Alexander Emelianenko. Monson, after the fight with Datsik, said that he would have another fight in October, after which he would finally end his sports career.

Cabin “Automatic”

The co-main battle turned out to be bright. Gadzhi “Automatic” Navruzov and Fernando Rodriguez were supposed to fight under the rules of MMA, but on the day of the fight, the rules changed to “only standing, no wrestling.” That is, the bare-knuckle fighter Gadzhi “Automatic” was in a more comfortable position. However, Rodriguez showed that cutting in the standing position is also his element. The fight turned out to be competitive and went through all three rounds of three minutes. Outcome: the victory of the Brazilian by a separate decision of the judges. The usually smiling Navruzov got upset and went home, leaving the journalists without an interview. Rodriguez, on the other hand, said that in a fight according to the rules of MMA, he would have finished with the Russian in less than a minute.

“I came to fight according to the rules of MMA, but the rules were changed at the last moment,” Fernando Rodriguez told Izvestia. – According to MMA, Gadzhi would not have survived even a minute. Gadzhi has fast punches, but not strong ones. I’ve taken much stronger hits during sparring. There was no way he could knock me out. I am ready to give the Russian fighter revenge – but only according to the rules of MMA.


Gadzhi “Automatic” Navruzov (left) vs. Fernando Rodriguez

Photo: Izvestiya / Dmitry Korotaev

In the card, it all started with the rivalry between Nikolai Chibisov and Andrey “Ushu-Master” Efimov. Their first fight took place in July 2020 at the Top Dog tournament. Then Chibisov defeated Efimov by knockout.
This time, the competitive battle also failed, the judges unanimously gave the victory to the star of fisticuffs Chibisov. Next, blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko strangled Alexander Zarubin, nicknamed Sasha Stone, in the second round, who is positioned in non-core media as a multiple world and Russian champion in mixed martial arts, although in fact Zarubin won children’s and youth tournaments in hand-to-hand combat.

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