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Deputy wants chancellor to explain Bolsonaro’s alleged request to Biden

PSDB cancels meeting on elections that would have the participation of Doria

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Leo de Brito, from the PT, presented a request to summon Minister Carlos França to the Financial Inspection and Control Commission of the Chamber

Per Gustavo Maia

June 13, 2022, 7:13 pm

the federal deputy Leo de Brito (PT-AC) filed a application this monday to summon up O Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Alberto França, to give explanations in the Chamber about the meeting between the presidents Jair Bolsonaro and Joe Biden, last Thursday.

That’s because, according to Bloomberg, the Brazilian would have taken advantage of the bilateral meeting to ask for help in this year’s elections against the former president. Squid. Bolsonaro denied that he made the request, but said that “what we deal with there is reserved”.

The report reported that the current occupant of the Palácio do Planalto would have told the tenant of the White House that the PT is a “danger to the interests of the United States”.

The request was filed with the Financial Inspection and Control Commission of the Chamber.

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