With the help of the police, the Justice raids the home of the leader Gonzalo Maurin, of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP) Jujuy.

The prosecutor Diego Funesthat investigates several social organizations in Jujuy for the alleged crime of extortionaffirmed today that “the existence of a modus operandi” to the detriment of beneficiaries of social plans in the province, and referred that, based on the elements kidnapped and analyzed, the leaders “for several years they keep track of the people who attend the marches”who also “They must make periodic contributions.”

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In dialogue with different local media, the Prosecutor specialized in Economic Crimes and against the Public Administration said “There are people who would have carried out this extortionbut the Prosecutor’s Office has not yet brought concrete criminal action against any of them, so there are no delays or charges”.

With the help of the police, the Justice raids the home of the leader Gonzalo Maurin, of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP) Jujuy. (Our America Jujuy/)

The research focuses on different social organizations and their leaders of San Salvador de Jujuy, Tilcara, Palpala and Calileguawhose headquarters and addresses, 16 in total, where some picnic areas operate, were raided simultaneously on July 6 last by police officers of the province.


The move was ordered by control judge Rodolfo Fernandez at the request of prosecutor Funeswhich started Ex officio actions based on complaints from individuals around alleged crimes related to social plans.

“To date we would be 95 percent advanced with respect to the extraction of information from computer equipment and cell phones and in a similar percentage compared to analysis of seized documentation”detailed the prosecutor.

Prosecutor Diego Funes, member of the Prosecutor's Office 2 Specialized in Economic Crimes and Crimes Against the Public Administration of Jujuy.

Prosecutor Diego Funes said that “the modus operandi” of organizations accused of extortion in Jujuy is being corroborated. ((Archive Via Jujuy)/)

After advancing in the analysis of the kidnapped elements, he said that “the existence of a certain obligation to attend marches and true people control that assist with an exhaustive control with attendance sheets.

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Furthermore, he referred to “a input what is done periodically by these people to organizations on a mandatory basis”while it remains to be established “if there is an affectation to freedom in each of these actions, that is to say that they do not lend their will or consent to attend these marches or to carry out these acts.”

The judicial investigation will also delve into the analysis of what has already been kidnapped, said Funesas well as “see if there are considerable movements of money that also reinforce the criminal hypothesis in which we are working”.

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