In addition to being one of the greatest heavy metal singers in the country, Detonator is also a beast in games. Bruno Sutter, comedian, actor and musician who gives life to the rock idol, became this week the 1st place in the world ranking of enduroone of the greatest classics of the Atari 2600.

The feat has already been approved by Twin Galaxies, one of the main organizations that promotes great feats of video game players. With 4,637.8 points, the Brazilian surpassed Garrett C. Holland (currently 3rd place with 3,339.8 points) and Christian Lee Keilback (2nd place with 4,387.6 points).

The record holder had reached 3rd place in the ranking in March and had been chasing 1st place for over 3 weeks. According to him, there were “long nights” until the objective was reached.

The comedian, whose score was approved after recording and submitting the video of the match to the organization of the Twin Galaxies, told voxel who broke the record after having returned to play atari after more than 2 decades.

He reported that when he lived in Petrópolis, at the end of the 80’s, the city suffered from devastation after the fall of a barrier. At the time, all of Sutter’s friends had moved away and he was pretty much alone. Months later, however, he got the Atari for his birthday and found it in the game. enduro a way to have fun even if alone.

“When the pandemic came, I was in a similar situation, a little isolated. And then I remembered my Atari and took it into the living room to start playing. So the video game ended up serving me as a company in the lonely moments of life and still gave me this 1st place in the world as a gift. enduro”.

What are the next records?

Sutter, who became well known in Brazil because of the humor group Hermes & Renato, says he is enjoying the personal achievement. He mentions that he chose enduro because it was the only game he had on Atari and that was the game he spent hours and hours on when he was young.

Asked if he will try to look for other brands in other titles, he confesses that he has not yet thought about the matter. Despite this, he does not rule out the possibility of facing new challenges.

Bruno Sutter

“The problem is that there are many games that crash when they reach a specific number. for example the River Raid, which I play well too. When it gets to 1 million points it crashes, so there are a lot of people who are in 1st place in the Twin Galaxies with that score.”

He ended with a promise. “I think about holding my record [no Enduro] and if someone tries to hit me I will cover”.

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