Dialogue stalled in Chad: what "social contract"a year after the death of Idriss Déby?

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The national dialogue is at a standstill in Chad, while negotiations began several months ago in Qatar. The dialogue was to begin this Tuesday, May 10, but was postponed a third time to a later date still unknown. We welcome Éric Topona Monga, journalist in charge of African news for Deutsche Welle, author of “Essai pour la refondation du Tchad”.

Also in the headlines, the COP15 against desertification began Monday in Abidjan in the presence of several African heads of state, to try to act concretely in the face of rapid land degradation and respond to “the climate emergency”.

This new massacre in Ituri in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. At least 35 people were killed Sunday morning in an attack on an artisanal gold mine. The Codecos, a militia that claims to defend members of the Lendu community, are singled out.

Editor: Célia Caracena

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