Diego Sinhue promises 10 works for $709 million in 4 municipalities

Guanajuato capital.- This year, there will be 10 works of infrastructure in Lion, Celaya, Irapuato Y Guanajuato capital for 709 million pesos, announced yesterday Diego Sinhue Rodriguez Vallejo in its Fourth Government Report.

But not only for them, but he assured that works are coming for the 46 municipalities.

“In all of Guanajuato there is investment, and that is possible because all of Guanajuato is united. Here if we add the efforts of all and all to be able to move forward. Together to overcome the ravages of the pandemic and together we will make a destiny of greatness for our State”, he affirmed.

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For this reason, he announced that there will be three works for León:

  1. a bridge over Morelos Boulevard, in Rivera de la Presa
  2. a new stretch of Timoteo Lozano Boulevard and
  3. the rehabilitation of the access to the Industrial City.

For Celaya, there will also be three works:

  1. the rehabilitation of the Mexico-Japan Avenue
  2. that of Adolfo López Mateos Boulevard and
  3. that of the beams of Constituyentes Avenue.

Irapuato will also have three plays:

  • the sixth stage of Solidarity Boulevard
  • the modernization of Insurgentes Avenue, and
  • the Strawberry Market.

He finally announced that Villas de Guanajuato will be connected to the Yerbabuena-Puentecillas highway in the state capital.

During his Report that he rendered for first time in Guanajuato capitalin the State Auditorium, Diego Sinhue highlighted that today the hallmark of Guanajuato is innovation and mind-making, a topic to which he dedicated an hour of his speech.

He also highlighted the arrival last year of 13 investments for more than 800 million dollars, which meant 6,100 direct jobs. And the fact that Guanajuato is the first place in exports as a non-border state, with operations worth 26 thousand 951 million dollars

Presume low in homicides

During his report, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo highlighted the efforts made in terms of security.

He highlighted that in 2021 there were a thousand fewer homicides in the state than in 2020 and added that Guanajuato ranked first in the nation with the greatest decrease in victims of intentional homicides, which fell 21%.

However, Guanajuato has also remained in first place in the number of homicides committed in the country since 2018 and the 766 registered this year (official figures go up to March) are more than the 741 of 2018, the last year of the previous administration. .

IV Government Report Diego Sinhue: The works


  • Vehicle bridge on Morelos Boulevard at the access to Rivera de la Presa and Hermenegildo Bustos Boulevard
  • Timoteo Lozano Boulevard in its 21st century section from Tajo de Santana to Mayorazgo.
  • Rehabilitation of the Industrial City access to Pocket Park

$315 million


  • The rehabilitation of the Mexico-Japan Avenue in the Industrial City
  • The optimization of the spaces of the Adolfo López Mateos Boulevard in the section from the Glorieta Batallas de Celaya to Juárez Street.
  • The rehabilitation of the beams of Avenida Constituyentes

$160 million


  • Sixth stage of Solidaridad Boulevard
  • Modernization of Avenida Insurgentes section Torres Landa to Casimiro Liceaga
  • Strawberry Market

$136 million


  • Connection of Villas de Guanajuato to the Yerbabuena-Puentecillas highway

$98 million

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