Diego Valenzuela and Guillermo Viñuales chatted with the commercial sector of Lomas de Zamora

The mayor of Tres de Febrero, diego valenzuelaintervened in a virtual chat with William Vinuales, referent of Together in Lomas de Zamora, where they spoke with neighbors, merchants and industrialists about the current local situation. “I am one of those who believe that development comes from the merchant side, from SMEs, from the industry,” said Valenzuela.

During the talk, the Mayor of the western suburbs of Buenos Aires referred to the economic measures he is taking in Tres de Febrero. “One resigns resources, but creates work. These companies that are going to open, today I do not have them”. And he added: “The collection of the municipality in the medium term will go up, it will not go down if there are more companies that invest.” On the other hand, Viñuales said: “There are investors who are not choosing Lomas because of the amount of taxes.” And then he said: “There are businesses that have not been enabled for more than 10 years because it is convenient for the system that they are not enabled.”

To conclude, Valenzuela recounted how his vision of management changed over the years: “At first, I dedicated myself a lot to public space and over time I realized that I had to include the worker in my agenda.” And regarding tax pressure, he pointed out: “The State has to be a facilitator, not a burden. We need an efficient state that takes the side of the one that works”.

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