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Dominican National Brewery It has always been recognized as a dynamic company, close to its consumers and constantly evolving. In fact, there may not be a single Dominican, in the country or abroad, who is not aware of some of the actions that this company has carried out in order to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country —investments, sustainabilitysupport for local arts and entertainment, and more—.

Now, the company begins a new chapter under the leadership of its recently appointed president Fabián Suárez, a business strategist with proven experience in innovation business and transformation technology, who previously served as commercial vice president of Bavaria, a Colombian subsidiary of the AB-InBev group, to which he belongs Dominican National Brewery.

Suárez assures that he came to work to strengthen the process of digital transformation and innovation of the company that started in 2019 and has already achieved that 100% of its sales occur via a mobile application that provides personalized service to each of its clients. Over the next few years, the company will continue to take firm steps on the path of innovation with the promotion of projects aimed at the growth of its value chain; and the change in the mentality of all collaborators to encourage them to become innovators in everything they do —from the simplest or most operational, to the development of great strategies—, all with the intention of building a future with more reasons to offer in the Dominican Republic.

At Cervecería Nacional Dominicana we innovate always thinking of people as the center of everything (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Another of the priorities of the new executive is to continue implementing and developing the platform Sustainability 100+ of Cervecería, with which it is currently working for solutions that allow a prosperous future for the country. The platform includes high-impact initiatives such as the construction of a solar park to ensure that 100% of its production is carried out with renewable energies; the introduction of recycled PET in its bottles thanks to the Recicla 100+ program; the revitalization of local corn production; the development of the “E-delivery” program that promotes electric mobility of home delivery services in the country; the promotion of bottle racks in the country, among other key actions.

“We develop ambitious but achievable initiatives, with the digital transformation and sustainability of our sector as transversal axes, so that together with local communities we achieve lasting progress full of opportunities for all”Fabian SuarezPresident Dominican National Brewery

Cervecería Nacional Dominicana is experiencing a new chapter in its history. What does this transformation of the company consist of?

At Cervecería we are transforming ourselves and this process is supported by three main pillars: innovation Y digital transformation, sustainability, and the beer passion that characterizes us. These three aspects serve as a guide to develop and implement a whole range of actions that lead to a prosperous future for all Dominicans.

A determining aspect of how we see the future and the transformation of our business is the implementation of new technologies and the promotion of a digital ecosystem to promote the innovation in absolutely everything we do, keep fresh thinking and keep creating great things. Currently, we are working on strengthening all our projects, processes and even work teams so that they are always supported by the use of data and artificial intelligence to lead to decision-making that generates a greater positive impact for the business, our commercial partners and the country.

What motivated Cervecería to enter this process of transformation and innovation at this time?

At Cervecería, we innovate always thinking of people as the center of everything, which leads us to create new solutions based on their needs. In that sense, we have long realized that, in an increasingly connected world, the needs of our customers and consumers are changing at record speeds. Our goal is not just to meet these needs as they arise, we want to stay ahead of them, and to do that we had to transform our business with the innovation as an enabler of this ambition.

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We work day and night to deliver the best quality to our people. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Cervecería is a company that has always played a key role in the development of the country, providing opportunities for Dominicans. Now the company is evolving to lead a movement of progress and innovation that will transform the future of the country in the present.

What can be said to have been the main focus of the company’s transformation?

In line with the pillars that support this transformation organization, the approach that connects all the efforts that we are carrying out is the innovation through the implementation of new technologies and platforms. As part of this process, we have been integrating the use of data, analytics and artificial technology to develop business strategies unprecedented in the market, and we have done so quickly and efficiently —perhaps even faster than many companies in the technology sector. in the country—which makes us quite proud.

Our efforts regarding digital transformation They also include the strategic alliance with the digital platform and mobile application BEES, with which we achieved the digitization of 100% of our sales, which in turn has allowed our business partners to streamline their operations and overcome the barriers that prevented them from reaching a higher level of business development. At the same time, and as an accompaniment for our clients in this digitization process, we developed our Customer Experience Center, the first customer service center in the country for digitized mass consumption. Thanks to this initiative, our clients obtain completely personalized support and no longer have to wait for one of our salespeople to visit them to request support, since they now have this contact route available 24/7 for them.

Soon, we will be launching a series of digital financial instruments within the same platform BEES that would allow our clients to access payment and financing schemes to invest in their own transformation of business. We are also presenting the TA-DA app, to bring our consumers much closer to our products through online commerce.

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We are transforming ourselves internally to cause changes externally. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

How do you see the future after the transformation that is being promoted under your leadership?

At Cervecería, our goal is to continue to allow us to contribute to the progress of our consumers and customers. In particular, we want to continue developing actions that facilitate the growth of small and medium-sized Dominican businesses dedicated to retail sales, which play an essential role in Dominican society and idiosyncrasy.

In the same way, we want to continue promoting educational initiatives such as our campaigns for the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages and our policies aimed at equity and diversity within the company.

Everything we are doing and what we still have to achieve is part of our commitment to transformation for the creation of a sustainable future and progress for the Dominican Republic. We are a company known for making things happen and setting precedents in our industry. That is why we are sure, and we want people to be sure too, that our actions will allow us to create the future we dream of; a future with many more reasons to toast.

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