Dillom in Vortex

Dillom announced two dates Vortex Theater in Buenos Aires to present their debut album “Postmortem”. The chosen days are April 28 and 29 and tickets for both shows will be available from Monday through All Access.

After his presentation at the Lollapalooza Argentina 2022, Dillom announced two new dates to present “Post Mortem” live. The chosen place will be the Vorterix Theater of the Federal Capital.

Dillom in Vorterix (twitter/)

Tickets for both functions can be purchased from next Monday, March 28, through the official All Access website.

About his show at Lollapalooza Argentina, the artist expressed “I don’t know what to write because words are not enough to describe and thank all the feelings but really thank you very much, this is historic.”

Dillom told how he fixed his problems with Duki and Homer El Mero Mero

In a recent interview, Dillom told how the meeting with Duki and Homer The Mere Mere where they were able to resolve their differences. The anecdote has as protagonists Fer Palace, coscu and saramalacara of the RIP Gang.

“We were all at a Fer Palacio party and I remember that Homer El Mero Mero had fallen” Dillom began to tell for the first time in his talk with Bruno Podestá. “We had had an episode a long time ago, which was all half bad but half that was not understood” explained below. He also confessed that he didn’t know how to approach him since Homer is a very serious and intimidating person.

“I got a little excited and said ‘well, I’ll talk to him’, I approached and we said hello, I said ‘I didn’t want to say hello to you, and everything’s fine’ and he said ‘yes, the best, it’s over, you know'” detailed the author of “OPA”.

“Many times everything is wrong because things are not discussed” he reflected and also confessed that something similar happened with Duki: “It happened at one of those parties, Sara, who is from my group, gets along well. We went from that party to another in the car with Coscu, Sara, Duki and me. That day everything was fine, we didn’t even talk about anything, everything was fine.”

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