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The National Police The Dominican Republic has had a negative burden since its creation, but this has intensified in recent weeks as a result of the “excesses” attributed to some of its agents, which have caused the death of citizens who were in its custody and whose cases are they investigate in the face of pressure and social indignation.

In this convulsive and critical scenario that the so-called institution of order is experiencing, there has been a great absence. This is your CEO, Eduardo Alberto Then Guzman, who has not been seen for a long time or expresses an opinion of any fact.

The official has not given an explanation to society in the face of the constant demands for justice that he has made for the deaths of David of the Saintsin the National District; Jose Gregorio Custodioin San Jose de Ocoa, and Richard Baez (the Barber)in Santiago.

The three men died in hospitals after being beaten while detained in detachments of the Policeman National in separate events.

José Gregorio Custodio, David de los Santos and Richard Báez (the Hairdresser). (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Then Guzmán has not referred to these cases at any time. The department of Communications of the entity has done it and, in the case of El Peluquero, the one who referred to this homicide was the Cibao Central regional director of the National Police, Brigadier General Ernesto Rodríguez. “We are not in the right scenario”said the first time he was asked about the fact.

This Monday he assured that Richard Báez (the Hairdresser) was delivered to the Santiago prosecutor’s office “healthy” and “safe”.

As head of the body, he is expected to speak in critical cases, as has happened on previous occasions with other incumbents who have had the Policeman National.

On the fifth of this month, the day the Government presented the police reform plan in advance due to the scandals in the Policemannor did the director of the institution attend the press conference, which was presented by the Spanish Jose Vila del Castillo, commissioner for police reform. He was accompanied by the Minister of the Interior and Policeman, Jesus (Chu) Vasquez Martinez, who did not speak. The plan was read by Vila del Castillo.

Another conspicuous absence of Then Guzmán occurred this Monday when he was expected by the Permanent Commission of the Interior and Policeman of the Chamber of Deputies to explain how the reform of the institution is progressing. Vásquez Martínez, head of the Ministry of the Interior and Policemanaccompanied by Vila del Castillo.

Then Guzmán has been in office since October 17, 2021.

Was Then Guzmán gagged?

The non-attendance of the director of the Police caused suspicion in the members of the press who were covering the activity and they asked the official the reason for it and, if anything, it was due to the fact that the Government had “forbidden” Then Guzmán to speak.

Chu Vásquez’s response was as follows: “We, in our capacity as Minister of the Interior and Police, have come, we have responded to the call of the Chamber of Deputies, the Interior and Police Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and we are going to give them all the information that is pertinent in relation to this entire process that we are carrying out for the first time in the history of the Dominican Republic.”

There, the journalists insisted that the invitation from the Chamber’s Interior and Police Commission was for the director of the Police and not for him, to which the official replied that he had been to the place many times and others had asked to be invited.

Public Ministry investigation

The Attorney General of the Republic, Miriam Germán Brito, ordered that the case of David of the Saints, like the other two. Regarding the first, he brought to justice four police officers and three civilians who were in the Naco expansion detachment, where the young man was taken alive and from where he was later transferred to a hospital for a beating. Knowledge of the coercive measure was forwarded. He accused them of being responsible for the homicide due to beatings and torture.

The deaths of Custodio and Richard Báez “el Peluquero” are still being investigated by the Public Ministry.

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