Director of Urban Development of Irapuato requested leave and will not have salary

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- The license given to the Director of Urban Development, Teresita del Carmen Gallardo Arroyois unpaid and will not receive any remuneration, said Rodolfo Gómez Cervantes, secretary and spokesman for the city council.

I confirm that there is indeed a license requested by the architect Teresita, general director of urban development, without pay she was granted by the president and they will not receive any remuneration, the license was requested for personal issues, “he said.

He pointed out that at the time he will be returning to his work and the one who remains in charge of the office is the architect Paula fraust Kingswho will be aware of the issues that concern you.

Rodolfo Gómez Cervantes, secretary and spokesman for the town hall.

As to whether the license had to go through a town hall session, he mentioned that the approval of the council is not neededsince the Municipal Organic Law establishes that to request a license from officials or owners of dependencies, it is done when it is more than two months of permission.

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More than validation, it is more than designation of who is going to be in charge of the area, but in the case of two months, both the permission granted, both the definition of the task of the office, falls on the municipal president, which is how it is being done, it is a subject totally attached to the law”, he indicated.

As for whether the official can receive the license despite the short time at the head of the unit and her work, Gómez Cervantes, He pointed out that the citizens would evaluate their performance and the commissions that monitor the areas and the mayor herself.

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