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The coldest season of the year has arrived, and Sertão has prepared a warm tip for you

By Sponsored Post | 06/22/2022 07:00

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With the coldest season of the year approaching, there’s nothing worse than getting out of your warm bed and putting your feet on the cold floor, right? (Not to mention the thermal shock). The house becomes even colder and uncomfortable, so it is essential to think carefully about how to cover each environment of your home during the project.

For cold environments where you want to have greater thermal comfort, the best option is to bet on so-called warm floors, which keep the floor and body temperature in balance, as they are heat conductors. With that in mind, we brought one of the most sought after options to make environments warmer and more cozy: the famous laminate flooring and its practicality of installation.


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For those looking for the best cost-benefit, laminate is the most assertive choice, as it is totally modern, resistant and economical: perfect for indoor environments. In addition, it is excellent for those who like environments with a more rustic and cozy look. For all these reasons, they have won the preference of architecture professionals and clients.


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Easy installation and excellent value for money, when compared to other floors, are among the biggest advantages of laminate floors. In addition, they can be easily applied on other floors, as long as they are level and free from moisture. The materials needed for installation, such as: Durafloor T Profile (for a good finish), Durafloor Fixed Baseboard (elegant and functional), Durafloor Corner (ideal to match the finish), Durafloor Floor and Wall Profile and Durafloor Reclined Blanket in Sertão stores, with conditions that fit in your pocket.


You just need to vacuum or sweep, pass a damp cloth and then a dry one to clean your laminate floor. It is also possible to clean it with a little neutral detergent.

Now, you already know how to make your house warmer and cozy in winter, don’t you?! Visit one of the stores.

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