Sazeli, Messi's favorite rest in Qatar (Photo: Facebook @Sazeli.QA).
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While Lionel Messi is concentrated with Argentine national team waiting for the momentous match on Saturday against Mexico for the World Cup Qatar 2022His family accompanies him very closely. The most intimate nucleus of Rosario’s crack is installed in Doha to follow every detail of the greatest football event.

The Messi take the opportunity to tour Qatar. In fact, they already have a favorite restaurant located in the heart of The Pearl, in Doha: sazeli. They usually go there often during these days of the World Cup. On Tuesday, after the defeat of the National Team, Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father, went to dinner, and this Wednesday it was Antonella Roccuzzo with their children and other relatives.

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Sazeli promotes herself on her social networks as a “Premium Turkish Grill”with dishes that -according to the menu available on the website of the place- amount to 260 dollars, more than 80 thousand Argentine pesos. Naturally, the specialty of the place is beefwith dozens of cuts and options to select from.

Sazeli, Messi’s favorite rest in Qatar (Photo: Facebook @Sazeli.QA).

The most outstanding cuts They start at 180 dollars (56 thousand pesos) and go up to 260 dollars (more than 80 thousand), figures that clearly put Sazeli in a very exclusive place. The value of a traditional cheeseburgeraccompanied by French fries, It is 25 dollars (about eight thousand pesos).

Beef is Sazeli's specialty (Photo: Facebook @Sazeli.QA).
Beef is Sazeli’s specialty (Photo: Facebook @Sazeli.QA).

An orange juice amounts to 13 dollars (four thousand pesos). In the same place they also offer breakfast, with prices up to 55 dollars (17 thousand pesos). Desserts start at $11 (3,500 pesos) and They reach up to 190 dollars (59 thousand pesos).

Antonela Roccuzzo in Doha, Qatar (Video: Lele Heredia/TN).

Jorge Messi’s dinner after the tough defeat of the Argentine National Team: “You have to accompany”

After the Argentina national team lost in debut against Saudi Arabiathe journalist Dominique Metzgerspecial envoy from TN to World Cup Qatar 2022crossed to Jorge Messi in the streets of Doha. Although Leo’s father preferred not to speak on camera “because he doesn’t like him and he feels uncomfortable”, he recounted an intimacy.

Jorge Messi had dinner in Doha after the defeat of the Argentine National Team.

The dad of Messi He assured that he spoke with his son and conveyed calm, despite the harsh defeat: “We are all fine,” Jorge told Dominique, always off camera. He also asked for support in this difficult moment: “Now we have to encourage, we have to accompany.”

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