Part of the drug shipment seized in the raids

An operation with multiple raids led to the arrest of eight people and the kidnapping of 5,500 doses of drugs, weapons, $800,000 and $1,200 in cash. It is a gang dedicated to the supply of synthetic drugs that served clients from high society and operated mainly in electronic parties.

Those arrested include a man known on social media as “Emi Trix”, his instagramer girlfriend and an active police officer. The procedures were carried out by personnel from the Anti-Drug Division of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) at the request of Rosario’s federal prosecutor Javier Arzubi Calvo and the Narcocrime Attorney’s Office (Procunar).

the narco police

According to the investigators, the case in which the suspects were arrested began last February with the arrest of another police officer, called Nicolás Balzi, a non-commissioned officer of the Santa Fe force, in whose possession 30 ecstasy pills were seized. On that occasion, it was determined that Balzi was selling narcotics at electronic parties while wearing the uniform, for which Federal Judge 3 of Rosario, Carlos Vera Barros, ordered his arrest.

Balzi was a graduate of the Public Security Institute (Isep), where he completed his studies in December 2020 and, according to the investigation, in March 2021, this non-commissioned officer was hired to serve as a member of the police station 2a. de Cañada de Gómez . In February, when he was arrested, it was found that he sold ecstasy and crystal, in doses ranging, in the case of crystal, up to 20 thousand pesos per gram, and ecstasy pills at 2 thousand per unit.

Part of the drug shipment seized in the raids (PFA/)

Federal judge Vera Barros continued the investigation and this Wednesday ordered the new operations, in which the PFA troops made the arrests of those who were accused of supplying synthetic drugs.. The procedures were carried out in 12 properties in Rosario, including an apartment in a luxurious condominium, one in the town of Roldán and the rest in a house in the country Kentucky, in the town of Funes.

The main raid took place in apartment 1 of Tower 3 of the Alto Condominium, located at 510 Vélez Sarsfield Street, in Rosario, where Emilio Martín Tiresa and his instagramer girlfriend named Julieta V were arrested.

A monotributista in a BMW

For researchers, Tisera is “Emi Trix” and is syndicated as the main distributor of designer drugs in the main VIP parties, in gyms or in electronic music festivals organized in the city of Rosario and surrounding towns. In the raided apartment, the police found about 600,000 pesos, a sum in dollars and euros, as well as marijuana, ecstasy, a 9-millimeter caliber pistol, two cell phones and a BMW car that, according to the investigators, was the one that the detainee habitually used to deliver the drugs.

Raids in Rosario for a cause of drug sales

Raids in Rosario for a cause of drug sales (PFA /)

“Emi Trix” was a class C monotributista and was considered by investigators as the leader of the criminal organization and was even accused of being in charge of carrying out extortion maneuvers and squeezing clients who had debts. The investigation carried out by the prosecution determined that “Emi Trix” used social networks on many occasions to coordinate the sale and delivery of drugs, for which the profile of his instagramer girlfriend, with almost 13,000 followers, played a fundamental role.

Another of the raids carried out by the PFA was carried out in a house on Calle San Lorenzo at 1600, in Rosario, where 1,300 ecstasy pills with the inscription “Instagram” were seized, almost 1,000 pills in the shape of a pink car. and hundreds of doses of other designer drugs. A French house was also raided at 1400, where they arrested the policeman Leandro Walter Miranda, and seized almost 150 thousand pesos, about a thousand dollars., marijuana, firearms, computers and two cell phones. The suspicion of the investigations is that officer Miranda was responsible for the production of pills that Balzi sold, since he is accused of having set up a “drug kitchen” in the neighboring town of Roldán.

This 33-year-old policeman worked at a police station in the Santa Fe town of Peyrano and is the son of a former Rosario police chief. In the rest of the raids, another 4,000 pills of various colors and shapes were seized, valued at 10 dollars each. Crystals of methamphetamine, LSD sheets and marijuana buds were also found, a cannabis nursery was dismantled and three semi-automatic pistols and a large quantity of cartridges and war ammunition, luxury cars and a millionaire sum of money were seized.

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