"divine justice": a man died of a heart attack while burying his girlfriend he killed

A man died of a heart attack in the courtyard of his house USA while burying his girlfriend after strangling her. The unusual case of “divine justice“, as defined by the local media, went viral in the midst of the request for justice by the victim’s relatives.

The incident occurred in Trenton, a city in the state of South Carolina, in the southeast of the country. The body of 60-year-old Joseph McKinnon was found by police officers in his house without signs of violence after the report of the finding of an “unconscious” man. After failed resuscitation attempts, the medical teams that attended the scene finally declared him dead.

“McKinnon showed no signs of trauma and it is suspected that he died of natural causes,” said the statement signed by Edgefield County Sheriff Jody Rowland and Edgefield County Coroner David Burnett.

However, what seemed at first to be an ordinary case gained notoriety when the local media picked up the news with an unexpected twist: while police officers were examining the scene, they located a second body in a freshly dug hole at the back of the house.

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The discovery of the body of Patricia Dent, murdered by McKinnon

While the death was being investigated and relatives notified, a second body was found in a newly dug grave. Patricia Ruth Dent, 65, of the same address, who appeared to have died as a result of a crime.”police sources said.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Dent was found tied up and wrapped in garbage bags inside the pit after being killed by McKinnon, with whom she lived, according to witness statements. This was later corroborated by the county sheriff’s office.

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The two autopsies confirmed the causes of death of both people. McKinnon went into cardiac arrest while covering the wellauthorities said. On the other hand, the investigators of the case handle the hypothesis that McKinnon attacked Dent in the house, while the autopsy indicated that the woman died of strangulation.

“Mr. McKinnon then tied her up and wrapped her in garbage bags before putting her in the previously dug pit,” the sheriff said.


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