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“Do you want to marry me?”: a secret love and the complicity of Lali Esposito to finalize the proposal

Lucas Divona and Leo Bel met 8 years ago on Facebook and have not been separated since.  (Photo: courtesy Leo Bel)

“I am Lucas. We have been living together for 8 years with Leo and my 12-year-old boy. And well, I wanted to know if you wanted to marry me“, Told him Lucas Divona a Leo Belin the middle of a crowded show of Lali Esposito in Rosario and of course, with the complicity of the singer. He did not hesitate to say yes, the artist was moved and the proposal went viral.

The love story between Leo and Lucas was born 8 years ago, and there were two unsuccessful attempts to finalize the compromise. Although they have lived together for a long time, their relationship was kept secret until March this year. “When I proposed it to him before, he told me that he couldn’t because no one in his family knew about it and that was a hindrance,” said the dancer, who also works as a popcorn maker in a Rosario square.

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In search of Lali

“When I saw that he went through that process of understanding that he was not going to be able to move forward with his life if he did not show himself as he was and whitewashed our love, I was able to come up with a new marriage proposal,” Lucas said. He also explained that he devised a plan for more than a month and a half so that “the only one I think Leo would go back to being straight for” would help him.

Between letters, Instagram messages and posters, the pochoclero tried by all means to communicate with the pop star, but had no answers. Nevertheless, a kind of “magic” saved him the day of the recital and managed to get the artist not only to interrupt her show but also to ask them to attend the wedding.

Lucas Divona and Leo Bel met 8 years ago on Facebook and have not been separated since. (Photo: courtesy Leo Bel)

How Lucas managed to get a movie wedding proposal

The love story between Leo and Lucas began when They met through mutual friends on Facebook.. One was trying his luck in Australia while the other was in Rosario. When Lali’s fanatic decided to return to Argentina for vacations and to process the visa that allowed him to leave the country, they met and did not separate again. To consecrate her love, she had no better idea than to play a marriage proposal with the idol of her boyfriend.

“Leo always wanted to go to a Lali recital because she is her idol, from Chiquititas to Disciplina Tour, but for an economic issue he could never buy the ticket. This time, two months before, I told him to buy the tickets with his credit card and we would pay for it however we could, “said Lucas about how the raid began to surprise his partner.

After camping and finding a way "magical" to the producer, the couple ended up in the front row.  (Photo: Instagram/@lalioficial)
After camping and finding the producer in a “magical” way, the couple ended up in the front row. (Photo: Instagram/@lalioficial)

Without Leo knowing anything, the dancer began to write to the former Casi Ángeles and all her producers on social networks. He also made posters and camped for two days at the door of the stadium where the singer was performing. “I was in the last tent and I started to tell the girls and boys who were up front what I was going to do and they all wanted to help me. They were the ones who helped me distribute the letters and finish putting together the posters so that Lali could see us”, she explained.

Despite the attempts to approach the jury of La Voz Argentina and having dealt 19 cards, the time of the show was approaching and for him, disappointment. “I had only one letter left and I saw a truck approaching one of the doors of the Metropolitan room. I approached and there was a girl, I asked her if she could tell me where Lali was going to enter and she only replied ‘that for her safety I couldn’t tell her’. But I didn’t give up, I told him the story and I showed him that I had the ring in my pocket. So she told me that she couldn’t lie to me, that she was the producer and that she was going to give her my letter, “she recounted.

Lali said yes, she is very excited, so in some way we are going to get everything together so that they can go on stage”, those were the words of the actress’s production team that made a dream come true. Although the plans did not go as expected, since Lali wanted them to go on stage, and the number of people there prevented them, he was able to grab the microphone and make the proposal before the idol of his partner and 8,000 other people.

For his part, Leo confessed: “I never realized anything or expected it. When I turned around, people lowered the signs that said that Lucas had a proposal for me. Also, he was mesmerized by the show, he just sang and shouted”.

After the proposal, a chain of favors was unleashed to organize a luxury wedding

After the surprise that had the artist he always loved as the protagonist, Leo said that they are organizing the wedding and the estimated date is for September 2023. “We are very humble and that is how we believe our party will be. But, with all the repercussion that there was, they added us to groups of Lali fans and there they proposed to help us. Little by little they offered DJs, pastry chefs and raffles to pay for a party with 500 guests”, he highlighted.

The boys also commented that they not only received proposals from all over the country but also contacted them from Paraguay, Chile and Peru because they want to be present: “Everyone tells us ‘If Lali said she is going to go, she is going to do it, she always delivers’”. In this way, they not only think about saying yes but also that the artist can be with them, officially as godmother.

After Leo’s “yes”, Lali asked to go to the wedding to be held in Rosario in September 2023. (Photo: courtesy Leo Bel)

The wedding, a date that will try to bring joy to a sad memory

“The truth is that it was magical and I’m sure there was someone who helped me because everything was perfect. If I had not found that producer, the letter would not have reached Lali and this should not have happened, “said Lucas, mentioning that beyond his good will too a miracle happened.

Precisely that magic is awarded to a cousin of Leo, which was essential for the love between them to materialize and last. Unfortunately, her friend took her own life and left a very big void.

Leo and Lucas will get married on September 20 to transform a sad day into a date full of love. (Photo: courtesy Lucas Divona)

In that sense, the boys decided that the wedding will be on September 19the day she died: “It’s a way of acknowledging everything that helped us and keeping her present with her joy and smile.”

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