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Doctor Doom, also known as John Dee, is one of DC’s most feared villains in comics and one of the main rivals of the famous Justice League over the decades.

The character has already achieved great feats in the publisher’s comics, even facing the sandman and, for you to know more about him, we brought you 9 facts you didn’t know about Doctor Doom. Check it out below!

9. Received the Sandman’s Stone of Dreams by his mother

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What many don’t know about Doctor Doom is that his powers came through the Stone of Dreams, which his mother gave him, but the big reveal in the comics is that the stone was actually from sandman.

Sandman didn’t know what was happening to his stone as it was trapped, while John Dee enhanced it to gain its powers.

8. Already lost your powers to the Sandman

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As we’ve seen, the villain got his abilities with the Sandman’s Stone of Dreams and of course the character wasn’t going to let it go. So he went after John to get the stone back.

And during that encounter, the villain focused his powers on the artifact, causing it to explode and giving back the powers to its original owner.

7. Lost his human form by going mad

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Although the character we know doesn’t have a pleasant appearance, he wasn’t always like that, since John was a human like any other, but he ended up losing that form.

This happened when Doctor Doom went insane and ended up taking the form of a skeleton, using a blue cape to cover his true appearance.

6. Can manipulate dreams and reality

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The villain is one of the most powerful in DC, and with the Stone of Dreams and the Materioptikon, he manages to turn dream situations and objects into real things, thus manipulating what people are dreaming about.

Furthermore, his abilities also allow him to trap people in their own dreams and control them at any time.

5. Developed the Materioptikon from Pedra dos Sonhos

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Upon obtaining the Sandman’s Dream Stone, Doctor Doom began to improve the artifact and used the stone as fuel to build what he dubbed the Materioptikon, a device capable of materializing dreams.

This power made him so unstoppable that the Justice League had to take unusual measures to stop him and hypnotized him in the comics.

4. Appeared in the Justice League cartoon

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What many don’t know is that the villain made an appearance in Justice Leaguethe classic DC animation, and was part of LexCorp, the company where he volunteered for tests with the Materioptikon.

And that’s where he got his telepathic powers and captured some of DC’s most famous heroes in animation.

3. Faced the Justice League and almost won

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Doctor Doom was able to face DC’s greatest heroes and, among them, the very Justice Leaguethrough a device with which he captured the Green Lantern and infiltrated the league by impersonating him.

However, his equipment had flaws and he ended up failing to beat the team, being captured by Green Lantern himself.

2. Already imprisoned in Arkham Asylum

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As well as other mentally unstable DC villains such as himself jokerJohn Dee was also trapped in Arkham Asylum for quite a while, and it was there that he went even more mad.

The villain became highly vengeful, lost his humanity and went in search of the Stone of Dreams when he managed to free himself.

1. Was originally a weak character

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Though one of the most powerful villains in all of DC, John Dee first appeared in the comics. Justice League of America vol. 1 #5 from 1961 and was a weak character, just a man who created some artifacts with engineering.

Among the main facts about Doctor Fate that we present, which of these did you not know yet?

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