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After the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessfans are increasingly curious about the origins of the multiverse, which we already know in Loki and Spider-Man: No Return Home.

However, this is a concept that wasn’t just created in the MCU or for the movie. Doctor Strange 2 and has been around for some time in the Marvel comics universe.

And, for you to better understand how the multiverse was developed by the publisher, we brought the whole explanation of how this concept came about in the comics.

(Source: Marvel/Disclosure)Source: Marvel

Emergence of the Multiverse at Marvel

First, we can say that Marvel was heavily influenced by DC Comics, which addressed this concept in advance in the issue the wonder woman #59 from 1953.

Despite this, Marvel started its introduction to the multiverse only in the year 1962, in the Strange Tales #103in which Johnny Storm visits the Fifth Dimension.

From there, the publisher realized the countless possibilities that had been opened and invested a little more in the development of stories that crossed the universe known by the fans.

Still in the 1960s, we saw Doctor Strange in his first contact with the multiverse when fighting Dormammu in the Dark Dimension in the edition Strange Tales #126.

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the edit Fantastic Four Annual #6 1968 also followed this line and followed the famous group dealing with problems between several different universes until getting lost in the Negative Zone.

But it wasn’t just Marvel’s secondary characters who took advantage of this concept, and the Avengers also entered the multiverse by meeting the Squadron Sinister in the issue. Avengers #69 from 1969.

And, although the contact with other universes was already quite common in the comics, the launch of the What IF?in 1977, was what made this concept official, as the editions showed alternate realities involving the well-known characters.

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Finally, a pivotal moment for introducing the multiverse to the MCU was editing. Daredevils #7from 1983, which introduced fans to “Earth-616”, which is the original and main universe of Marvel.

Now that you know how the multiverse came about in Marvel comics, you’re more into the adventures of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness between the various realities of the MCU!

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