Does eating fast make you fat?
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Eating fast is not fattening, because it depends on the calories that enter. What does happen is that, if you eat fast, you are likely to overeat because the hormones from the intestine to the brain that warn that it has already been eaten take 20 minutes to arrive. Therefore, the satiety signal will arrive 20 minutes after eating food, if you ate in 10 minutes, it will take 10 more minutes that you will continue to be hungry. Then it is likely that another dish will be served or it will end up snacking. You need to eat slowly for how things fall afterwards. Eating fast can cause bloating, gas, belly pain.

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Keys to slow eating

Keys to slowing down eating: eating with someone who eats slower and copying the speed of the other, taking time to assess how long it takes and slowing down over time, taking sips of water, putting down utensils and chewing, no distractions when one eats with the cell phone, the television or eating at work since the record of what the person ate is lost and therefore the brain does not detect that there was food.

Another way to slow down eating is if the person saw that they ate in 10 minutes and is still hungry, instead of thinking that they will not repeat it, wait 10 more minutes for the satiety signal to arrive. Avoiding eating fast can be corrected, it has to do with a matter of impulse, it takes time, but the important thing is to be constant.

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Benefits of taking the time to eat:

  • Enjoy food more: by eating more slowly the senses are detected, more importance is given to flavor, aromas and textures, and time is taken to taste and enjoy.
  • Detect satiety: although we do not eat out of real hunger, eating slowly helps. By eating fast, we are likely to eat more than we need.
  • Prevent gastrointestinal discomfort: by eating so quickly we do not chew well and we swallow a lot of air, which causes us to have a distended abdomen, with inflammation and pain. it is essential to chew well before swallowing

Remember that the food is also health and you have to give it the time it deserves.

Agustina Murcho, graduate in Nutrition specializing in eating disorders

MN 7888 / MP 3196


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