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Dollar: how much will it reach at the end of the year according to the market

Dollar: how much will it reach at the end of the year according to the market

Those who most accurately forecast this variable with short-term horizons projected that the average nominal exchange rate for December 2022 would be $167.57, which represents an increase of 63.2% in the year.

The monthly average wholesale nominal exchange rate on business days was $128.45 per dollar in July 2022.

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The forecast of those who respond to the REM indicates a monthly rise of $7 per dollar to $135.49 per dollar in August 2022. Regarding the previous survey, upward corrections were evidenced in the following months.

For their part, the projection of the analysts for December 2022 was $167.16 per dollar (+$7.57 per dollar compared to the previous survey). Thus, the variation in the nominal exchange rate forecast by REM participants is 64.1% yoy for December.

Retail Dollar Quote

The Central Bank sold this Friday US$95 million, and closed the first week of August with landslides of some US$700 million. In that context, the dollar today -without taxes- rose 3 cents to $139.89, according to the average in the main entities of the financial system, while in Banco Nación the ticket was priced at $138.75 for sale.

If you look at the exchange market since December 10, 2019, the BCRA maintains a buying position for about two billion. For this same date in 2020, the first week of August, the BCRA had sold US$2.6 billion compared to December 10 of the previous year.

If the first week of August 2022 is compared to the BCRA’s foreign exchange market position in the first week of 2020, today it is more than US$4.5 billion higher.

“The demand destined to pay for energy and fuel imports maintained a significant role throughout the week, largely justifying the sacrifice of reserves that the Central Bank had to make at the beginning of the month”Gustavo Quintana assured.

“For next week, the implementation of the measures announced by the new economic authorities is expected as an element that changes the current scenario and allows the increase in genuine supply to dissipate the tension that the exchange market is exhibiting today,” he added. .

Savings dollar price, Friday, August 5

The savings dollar or solidarity dollar-which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax and the deductible 35% of Income Tax and Personal Assets- it grew 5 cents to $230.82.

Price of the tourist dollar, Friday, August 5

The tourist dollar or card -retailer plus COUNTRY Tax, and a perception of 45% deductible from Income Tax and Personal Assets- it rose 5 cents to $244.81.

Wholesale dollar price, Friday, August 5

The wholesale dollar directly regulated by the BCRA, it increased 25 cents to $132.89, thus maintaining the level of appreciation seen in recent days.

In the week that just ended, the wholesale exchange rate rose $1.62 against a $1.53 increase in the previous week.

Price of the CCL dollar, Friday, August 5

The dollar “counted with liquid” (CCL) -operated with the Global 2030- down 1.7% to $284.58with which the spread with the wholesale rate was at 115.8%.

Price of the MEP dollar, Friday, August 5

The MEP dollar -also valued with the Global 2030- lost 1.5% to $278.78 so the gap against the official exchange rate reached 109.8%.

Blue dollar quote, Friday, August 5

The blue dollar rose $2 to $293, after rising the same proportion on Wednesday, and after climbing $9 on Tuesdayaccording to a field survey in the Black Market of Currencies. Thus, the gap with the official dollar it stood at 120.5%.

Crypto dollar price, Friday, August 5

The crypto dollar or Bitcoin dollar yields 0.8% to $288.98, based on the average among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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