Dollar today: how much the official and the other exchange options are trading this Tuesday, November 22
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The dollar oficial (without taxes) raises $1 this Tuesday, November 22 and operates at $162.25 for the purchase now $170.25 for sale on the screens of the Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA). Accumulate an increase of $7.75 in the month.

Meanwhile, the Dolar blue trades up to $304 for the purchase and $308 for sale in the Buenos Aires City. Thus, the gap with the wholesaler is located at 86.60%.

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Next, one by onethe price of the different options to access the US currency in Argentina.

Dollar today: how much are the official, the solidary, the MEP, the CCL and the wholesaler quoted

  • Dollar blue: $308;
  • Dollar official: $170.25;
  • Dollar solidarity: $280.91;
  • Dollar card: $297.94;
  • Dollar Qatar: $340.50;
  • Dollar wholesale: $164.52;
  • Dollar MEP: $316.31;
  • Dollar CCL: $331.64;
  • Dollar Crypto: $318.

Solidarity dollar, card dollar and Qatar dollar

The dollar solidarity or savings trades at $280.91. The solidarity is the cheapest option of the market to access dollars. So far in November, the upside is $12.78.

It is the sum of the price of the official dollar plus COUNTRY taxes (30%) and the retention of 35% as an advance of Profits.

The official dollar it rose $7.75 so far in November and accumulates a gain of $62.50 in the year. In October it increased 6.04%the biggest advance in the year.

For his part, he tourist dollar or card -which arose on July 14 with the rise of 10 points in the Earnings withholding-, is traded at $297.94. In November it adds up to $13.56. Accumulate $61.69 since it went into effect.

This is the exchange rate that applies to transactions (purchase of goods or services via credit or debit card) abroad that do not exceed US$299 and includes platforms such as Netflix or Spotify.

For his part, he qatar dollar, In force since October 13, it arises from the additional collection of 25% on the Personal Assets Tax for operations abroad above US$300 per month. This option operates at $340.50, and has increased by $26 since its implementation.

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Wholesale or commercial dollar

in the segment wholesalerthe trade dollar operates at $164.52$1.34 above the previous close.

The Central Bank (BCRA) ended the first day of the week with purchases for US$1 million. “In November, it accumulates sales of US$900 million,” said Gustavo Quintana, market operator.

The last day of the previous week was closed with sales for US$50 million. Thus, in November it accumulates a negative balance of more than US$763 million. “The amount of sales made by the BCRA has not been repeated in that magnitude since the first days of last August,” Quintana said.

In October, the BCRA accumulated a selling balance of some US$498 million. “In the year it totals purchases for about US$5 billion,” Quintana said.

The The wholesaler had its strongest adjustment of the year in October, of 6.51%. Thus accumulates an increase of 56.65% so far in 2022.

The central bank added foreign currency for US$4,968 million in September, when the wholesaler advanced 6.19%. Whilel dollar soy totaled revenues of US$8,123 million.

In August, the BCRA had a negative balance of the order of US$497 million due to its intervention in the foreign exchange market and the wholesale market increased 5.68%. By July, it had sold $1.275 million.

During June, the wholesale exchange rate rose 4.02% and in May it had been 4.24%. In April, the adjustment of the trade dollar reached 3.87% and that month the BCRA accumulated a positive balance in its intervention in the market of US$174 million. In March, the monetary authority had acquired US$275 million. The balance for February had been negative, with net sales of US$190 million. While in January it had closed with sales of US$130 million.

Dollar counted with settlement (CCL)

The dollar counted with settlement (CCL) trades at $331.64. It accumulates in the year an increase of 64.37%.

What is the dollar counted with liqui? It is the exchange rate that arises from the operation that allows investors to buy Argentine papers in the local market and sell them abroad in order to turn currencies for “hoarding”.

MEP Dollar or Bag

For his part, he MEP dollar is traded to $316.31 on official screens. It accumulates a rise of 58.53% in the year.

The MEP dollar is an exchange rate that, like the CCL, is obtained through the purchase and sale of shares or bonds. The only difference is that the resulting currencies are deposited locally.

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Crypto Dollar

The exchange rate to access dollars through cryptocurrencies operates at $318. In the crypto ecosystem, however, there are different prices depending on the virtual wallet with which it operates.

What is the gap today between the blue dollar and the wholesaler

The gap between the blue dollar and the wholesaler is located at 86.60%. The wholesale or commercial exchange rate is trading at $164.52.

This is the value of the segment commanded by the Central Bank (BCRA) and which intervenes in the demand for dollars from companies and individuals and the offer for the settlement of foreign currency by exporters of grains and oilseeds.

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