Julia Vysotskaya follows the doctor's recommendations at home.

Julia Vysotskaya follows the doctor’s recommendations at home.

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The number of coronavirus cases is growing. The stars are no exception. They get sick in different ways: most do without a hospital, following the recommendations of doctors at home, and someone in a hotel at a resort. We talk about the different experiences of celebrities fighting covid in August 2022.

Natalya Senchukova and Viktor Rybin do not get sick, and in August they are revaccinated. Natalya Senchukova told us: “In mid-August we have the next revaccination with Sputnik Light. We vaccinate once every six months. The pandemic ended in two years, but the coronavirus did not disappear anywhere – the incidence decreased due to the fact that they began to travel abroad less. Thanks to the vaccination, we easily got sick with Omicron in the winter – only a day we felt a slight malaise. Natalya Senchukova says that her husband, 59-year-old musician Viktor Rybin, is at risk due to high blood pressure. Therefore, as soon as the vaccine appeared, they immediately took root. Senchukova explains: “We took root and felt calmer. And when the anti-vaccination campaign began, we were shocked, because vaccination is the only way to protect yourself from the coronavirus.”

Julia Vysotskaya I got sick this week – now at home, in self-isolation. The 48-year-old actress told how the disease developed: “On Monday, weakness and a sore throat. On Tuesday there was a slight cough, but the performance was played, on Wednesday – a difficult night, the temperature rose. In the morning I did PCR, but I was going to the theater. The answer came at 16.30, so the announcement of the cancellation of the performances had to be given so unexpectedly. If it had been in pre-Covid times: with fever, cough and weakness, I would have played anyway. Yes, and any artist would play – we were taught that way. But covid changed that rule. In addition to malaise – panic and a feeling of despair from the inability to defend themselves. I am vaccinated, I clean my hands, I wear a mask, and still … So do not ignore even a slight ailment. As the doctors explained to me, omicron does not dull the taste and smell, does not always lead to an increase in temperature, so it is important not to miss the moment of the onset of the disease. Vysotskaya was vaccinated, so the disease is mild. The artist tells how it is treated: “I will not recommend medicines, this should be done by a doctor, based on your specific case. I immediately took vitamin C (2 mg), D3 (3,600 IU), zinc. Lots of warm drinks: sea buckthorn with honey, ginger with orange, wild rose. I don’t want to eat, but little by little it is necessary that metabolic processes help to remove toxins from the disease. Pureed vegetable soups, buckwheat croutons, sugar-free oatmeal. And in general, less sugar during illness. Still boiled or baked potatoes without oil, buckwheat. There are few proteins – an egg, goat yogurt. Some medicines cannot be taken on an empty stomach, so I don’t want to eat through. Raw vegetables, berries, fruits and salads are waiting until recovery. I take care of the gastrointestinal tract.

Alexander Filippenko spent this week in the hospital due to the coronavirus. The 77-year-old actor said that the dynamics are positive – the temperature is normal, but weakness remains. Next week, the people’s artist hopes to be discharged. Filippenko, said that there is still a slight weakness. The actor felt unwell and symptoms of a cold – runny nose, cough. The temperature has risen. Alexander Georgievich decided to lie down in the country, but on the advice of his colleague Andrei Konchalovsky, he sought medical help. The test showed coronavirus, the artist was hospitalized. It was hard for the first three days, but the treatment quickly brought relief. The actor’s wife passed the test – Marina Ishimbayeva was not infected, she is healthy.

Lera Kudryavtseva second time infected with coronavirus. The 51-year-old TV presenter caught the virus on her way to Bulgaria – on vacation, so she spent 12 days in isolation in her room. I had to seek medical help at the resort. Kudryavtseva was ill in a mild form, recovered; having received a negative test, she joined her mother, sister and daughter on the beach. But a frequent side effect from covid made itself felt: physically Kudryavtseva is full of energy, but apathy rolls in, often there is no mood. They say that the TV star was not vaccinated.

Granddaughter of Marina Zudina 2-year-old Mia Tabakova I contracted the coronavirus and canceled my birthday party. The girl’s parents, Pavel Tabakov and Sofya Sinitsyna, were preparing a holiday for the girl, which was postponed to the middle of the month. The child is treated at home, the girl’s mother follows the doctor’s recommendations.

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