Driver decorates his truck to celebrate Leonese dads on their day

Leon, Guanajuato.- With a big mustache and glasses, it was like he went out to roll through the streets of Lion the operator unit LE-010 Adrian Reyespublic transport driver who decorated his truck to honor all the dads and daddies on their day.

“We all talk about mom’s love but not about dad’s sacrifice, I want to send congratulations to all dads on their day, I hope they have a good time, and enjoy their day” commented Adrián Reyes.

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Inside he placed balloons and photos of his father and some colleagues who, like him, have the joy of being able to be recognized this Sunday, Father’s Day in Mexico.

With this gesture, Adrián sought to make the journey of his users more enjoyable and bring a smile to those who saw his truck with glasses and a mustache.

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Its users appreciated such a nice detail, as they assured that there are few who give importance and value to the Father’s day.

As part of the celebration on wheels, Adrián Reyes recognized the effort and affection he has received from his father, Mr. Anastacio Reyes, who is a taxi driver and instilled in him a love for the job of roulette.

“I want to congratulate all the parents who are working or celebrating and especially my dad, thanks to whom I inherited the beautiful job of driving, I love my father very much,” he concluded.

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