The vehicle was seized by the Civil Police.  (Photo: Disclosure/PCMS)
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The motorcyclist was in serious condition and the driver of the Mercedes Benz fled the scene without helping the victim.

The vehicle was seized by the Civil Police. (Photo: Disclosure/PCMS)

Civilian police officers from the General Investigations Section (SIG), at the Três Lagoas Police Station, 338 kilometers from Campo Grande, identified the driver of a Mercedes Benz vehicle, involved in the accident that occurred last Sunday night (13), which caused the amputation of the leg of a 41-year-old motorcyclist.

According to the police, since the moment of the accident, he had not been located, but he was located after investigations.

The accident occurred around 7:30 pm on Sunday, in the Interlagos neighborhood, where the driver of a motorcycle collided with a Mercedes Benz. After the accident, the occupants of the car fled the scene without helping the victim and hid in a thicket. The man was in serious condition on the ground.

Agents from SIG and the Regional Intelligence Center (NRI) began investigations to identify those involved in the accident and were able to locate the three occupants of the Mercedes Benz vehicle, and find out who was driving it at the time of the accident.

The car was located and seized and underwent expertise. Those involved were heard and released for not being in the act. If the 1st Civil Police Station is still under investigation, other witnesses and the victim will be heard.

The driver of a Mercedes Benz vehicle may be indicted for the crime of culpable bodily injury or even the crime of intentionally serious bodily injury.

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