Driver surrenders after running over alleged assailants in Brazil and one is arrested (VIDEO)

Brazil.– A driver decided to turn himself in to the authorities after run over two suspected criminals, while the authorities reported the arrest of a man.

The events were recorded on the avenue Saint Anthony, in the microregion of Osasco, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, when the driver of a white van was intercepted by two men on a motorcycle.

In a video captured by security cameras on the avenue, it is observed that when he was hit by the motorcycle, the driver accelerated in the direction of the two-wheeled vehicle.

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After hitting the motorcycle, the truck continued its direction until it reached the sidewalk dragging the two men.

Driver runs over two men who tried to rob him in Brazil. (Photo: Girosa Brazil).

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One of the alleged assailants got out from under the truck and tried to escape on another motorcycle that was driven by a delivery man, however, when accelerating he fell to the ground, so he decided to run away from the area.

Meanwhile, the accomplice took a few seconds to react, but managed to get out and take the motorcycle that had been left in the middle of the street.

Driver who ran over criminals in Brazil awaits the authorities

After the driver saw the men escape, he got out of his vehicle and decided to wait for authorities.

According to local media Girosa Brazil, elements of the Military police and soldiers of the Tactical Force of the 14th Metropolitan Battalion patrolling in the area responded to the calls of the driver who turned himself in to determine responsibilities.

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In a statement, it was detailed that a .32 caliber revolver and intact ammunition were found under the vehicle, which were seized, while one of the alleged assailants was identified and arrested.


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