Windshield was destroyed and airbag was deployed after crash.  (Photo: Straight from the Streets)
The windshield was destroyed and an airbag was deployed after the crash. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

Landerson Correa Teixeira, 35, who collided on a motorcycle and walked with one of the victims, a Civil Police student, on the roof of the vehicle for approximately one kilometer, was indicted for attempted murder. The accident occurred this Sunday morning (8), in the Coophavila neighborhood, in Campo Grande, and Landerson – who was drunk and on the wrong way – was arrested in the act.

Deputy Fabrício Dias, on duty at Depac (Community Emergency Service) at Cepol (Integrated Center for Specialized Police), who attended to the incident, understood that Landerson took the risk of killing. In addition to drinking, he was on the wrong side of the road and fled without providing help. Landerson undergoes a custody hearing this Monday (9).

The accident – The motorcycle driver, a 19-year-old, was traveling along Rua Verdes Mares, when at the intersection with Avenida Marechal Deodoro, he was surprised by the Hyundai I30 driven by Landerson, on the wrong way. The vehicles collided head-on, and the motorcycle was dragged for almost 20 meters.

Security camera recorded the accident (video below). The clock reads 5:51 when the suspect appears in the corner of the video. After the crash, the motorcycle and the rider fall in the middle of the track, however, the police officer in formation stops on top of the I30. The driver continues to drive and, according to an initial investigation, he traveled about a kilometer before the victim fell. Afterwards, he continues to run away.

Stopped by the police minutes later near the landfill, on the way out to Sidrolândia, Landerson claimed that he had run over a capybara, however, the police already had information that it was the vehicle involved in the accident. The suspect’s car was seized with the windshield completely destroyed and due to the force of the crash, the airbag was triggered.

The man was visibly drunk, but refused to take the breathalyzer test, and a TCACP (Term of Verification of Change in Psychomotor Ability) was performed. The police student has already been released, but the motorcycle driver is still undergoing medical care.

What did he say to the police? Heard at the police station, Landerson said he was at a woman’s house the day before, Saturday (8), where he ingested three 600 ml beers. Afterwards, he didn’t drink anymore. He further claimed that he did not notice the woman on the roof of the car and did not stop to render aid for fear of reprisal.

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