driver's license renewal 20201215

As planned, and after its publication in the Official Gazette, this Tuesday the new system of scoring for driver’s licenses to level national. An initiative that aims deduct points in the records to lead those who violate current traffic regulations in the country until disqualification is achieved, but which also has the purpose generate a new road awareness that promotes citizen and collective responsibility to all Argentines.

In this way, the new national scoring system awards a base of 20 points to each driver that has the National Driver’s License, which will begin to be deducted as the person registers traffic violations. The first suspension to driveproduced by the accumulation or repetition of infractions, it will be 60 days.

Similarly, every two years you can attend a road safety course that provides up to a maximum of 4 points of recovery. In the case of professional licenses, this alternative is enabled every one year.

As will be recalled, the measure was announced in the decree 242/2022 and published in the Official Gazette on Friday, May 6, and from that date each province has a period of 60 days to implement it in accordance with your local regulations and include it in all license categories.

What are the requirements to renew the driver’s license in CABA

The implementation of the national scoring was agreed by all the provinces in the last meeting of the Federal Road Safety Councildeveloped a month ago, which included the participation of the transport minister, alexis warrior, and provincial authorities.

About, warrior assured that “all people are going to be equal before the traffic law, and they are going to have to face the same consequences when committing infractions that put their safety and life at risk, both their own and that of others”. While Pablo Mart√≠nez Carignano, head of the head of the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) assured that “scoring seeks to break with a old tradition in our country where traffic violations are solved with money. This new system comes to end that logic. From the ANSV we reaffirm that driving is a responsibility‚ÄĚ.

Alcoholemia in Buenos Aires: tougher sanctions apply, such as the removal of the license for up to two years

Scoring: infractions and their respective deduction of points

  • Lead being disabled or with the authorization suspended: 20 points
  • Participate and/or organize snacks on public roads: 20 points
  • drive with physical or mental handicaps, under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or medications: 10 points.
  • Not respecting the speed limits (more than 30%): 10 points.
  • Not respecting the speed limits (less than 30%).5 points

  driver's license renewal 20201215

  • Not respecting the traffic lights: 5 points.
  • not wearing a helmet (motorbikes): 5 points.
  • Circular with expired license: 5 points
  • For driving without a seat belt placed and fastened: 4 points.
  • by cDriving without the Mandatory Technical Review (RTO).4 points


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