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Civil and Military Police found the drug after anonymous complaints and the case is being investigated

By Ana Paula Chuva | 11/24/2022 2:33 pm

On Wednesday night (23), teams of civil and military police found several tablets of marijuana hidden inside tombs at the Lagoa Bonita District Cemetery, in Deodápolis, a city 265 kilometers from Campo Grande.

The joint action took place after anonymous complaints from residents and the location was identified by a team from the Tactical Force of the 14th Battalion of the Military Police of Fátima do Sul and the Civil Police of Deodápolis.

The agents found one of the tombs violated and in the released recording it is possible to see that the tablets were hidden inside a hole that was covered with a can of paint. The police are now continuing with investigations to identify who would be the traffickers responsible for the drug.

(With information on the Fatima em Dia website).

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