Drum and bass is back, and maybe it's thanks to lockdown and TikTok

It was believed to be on the decline, its rhythmic loops however return beyond the “walls” of enclosures. The drum and bass “is taking on a facelift today, thanks to a new generation of artists, many of them women, who combine their furious tempo with melodious voices”, says the British daily The Guardian. That kind of high-paced ’90s techno “has always stubbornly refused to die” to reappear in particular in the last two years, in a pop version.

“Between confinements and concentration problems, ‘DnB’ seems to be ‘the’ music made for our time, but why?

if“there is certainly a form of nostalgia”, this awakening of 2-step beats and heavy bass lines at low frequency can be explained by various factors. Drum and bass is historically club music, even rave party music — in any case, party music. But in 2022 it is on new media that his musical loops find distribution channels, explains The Guardian.

“None of the artists of today that I have met have made themselves known by the traditional route, that is to say by going to a club: their springboard for all of them has been social networks” , details journalist Alexis Petridis.

The musician Vierre Cloud, for example, has t

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