Robert De Niro tasted the dish of Argentine chef Mauro Colagreco 20220304

Robert DeNiro you will take a complete experience of the City of Buenos Aires, since your vehicle was trapped in downtown Buenos Aires for a picket last Friday, May 6.

While filming the series “Any” In Argentina, the emblematic Hollywood actor takes the opportunity to visit Buenos Aires and spend time with his family in the iconic streets of Buenos Aires. However, he could not avoid suffering the consequences of the demonstrations, according to the agency. NA.

Robert de Niro was declared guest of honor of the City

De Niro’s agenda began early in the morning with breakfast at La Biela, in the neighborhood of Recoleta. After that, she headed to the set to film some scenes scheduled for the day. Once the indoor recordings were finished, the streets of Mouth they became the perfect set for other shots in the series.

Robert De Niro in Argentina.

The picket line that obstructed De Niro’s circulation

The Hollywood star met with her partner, Tiffany ChenAnd your daughter, Helen Grace and went to the Andreani Foundation Museum and took some pictures of the landscapes that can be seen from there.

The tour did not end there, as De Niro and his partner got into their vehicle along with security personnel to continue walking around the citybut, when arriving at a central avenue, the vehicle was trapped in heavy traffic, caused by a demonstration.

Luis Brandoni: “When they told Robert De Niro my name, he said ‘call me now'”

The picket that trapped De Niro.
The picket that trapped De Niro.

After a long wait, the actor and Chen managed to escape the tumult and went to have lunch in Puerto Madero and, at night, had dinner at the well-known Palermo grill La Cabrera.

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