Durão Barroso says that Putin "is a product of resentment"
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Former European Commission President Durão Barroso said on Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is a product of resentment” because “he misses the time when Russia was a power”.

“Russia remains an important country, the largest in the world, but it has been in clear decline since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Putin is a product of resentment, because he misses the time when his nation was one of the two great powers world”, said Barroso.

The former prime minister was speaking at a conference on geopolitics organized by the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, within the framework of the World Business Forum Madrid (WOBI).

At the event, the former head of the Portuguese Government assured that “the world will not be the same as before February 24 [quando começou a invasão russa da Ucrânia]because two blocs are being created” and “the division between the West and the rest is growing”.

“In Europe we don’t realize that there is so much resentment towards us [europeus] as a former colonial power. I’m not a military expert, but it’s a delicate situation”, noted the current president of Goldman Sachs International.

Barroso also praised the European position on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

“Ukraine is not part of the EU [União Europeia] or NATO, but geographically it is a European country. We had to give a non-war response and economic sanction measures are the most appropriate,” he added.

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