The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) reported this Sunday that the Saharan dust will continue to affect Dominican territory. The presences of the Saharan particles have been over the nation for more than two weeks.

“The presence of Saharan dust causes an opaque or grayish sky,” explained the entity. He also said that it causes the wind chill heat increase.

Through its Twitter account, the institution communicated that, due to this phenomenon, as well as the incidence of a high pressure system, the rainy predicted will be limited.

a trough is coming

For this Monday, it is expected that the approach of a trough will generate isolated downpours over some towns in the northeast and the Caribbean coast from the morning hours.

However, in the afternoon, the rainfall will be of the downpour type, being moderate at times with electrical storms and isolated gusts of wind in different towns of the northeast, southeast, northwest, Cordillera Central regions and the mountainous systems, however, report that for the other regions of the country, there will be good weather conditions.

While for Tuesday, it is forecast that the trough and the interaction of a tropical wave will cause moderate to heavy downpours at times, electrical storms and gusts of wind over various locations in the country, mainly those located in the northeast, southeast, northwest and the central mountain range.

As a consequence of the high temperatures, the Onamet recommends the general population to stay hydrated by drinking water, wear light clothes, preferably light colors.

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