Dust storm hit Omsk

The Omsk region was covered by a dust storm. Due to strong winds and poor visibility at the airport, flights are delayed, and passenger traffic along the Irtysh has been completely cancelled.

– Pleasure routes on the motor ship “Moscow-112” will not be performed today, – the press service of the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Omsk Region reports. – Transportation on the subsidized suburban route “Center – Zeleny Bereg” is canceled at 15:00 and 18:30. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Wind gusts reach 25 meters per second. On social networks, Omsk residents report overturned containers and broken trees. The sky is covered with a dense veil of dust, which makes it impossible to breathe on the street.

The city administration asks Omsk residents not to leave their homes and minimize their stay in public places.

The mayor’s office reports that the road services have already begun to eliminate the consequences of the hurricane. Fallen branches and broken trees are being removed from roads and sidewalks, and workers are restoring traffic signs and stop pavilions.

Regional Ministry of Emergency Situations translated into emergency mode. Due to unfavorable weather conditions in the Omsk region, the fire situation worsened. Today in the city of Nazyvaevsk, five residential buildings burned down. A strong wind contributes to the instantaneous transition of fire to residential buildings.

According to weather forecasters, strong winds of 18-23 m/s will be observed today and at night on May 7 in the Omsk region, in places up to very strong, with gusts of 25-28 m/s, in some places precipitation in the form of rain, turning into snow in the northern regions of the region .

– The reason for adverse weather conditions is the passage of an active cyclonic eddy and its frontal sections, – transmits FGBU “Ob-Irtysh UGMS”

The weather in the region is expected to stabilize on May 8. The wind will subside, and the air temperature will rise to +15…+20°.

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