Dylan Groenewegen won another sprint on the Tour de Hongrie

He started from Kazincbarcika on Saturday and finished the field of the 43rd Hungarian circuit there. During the 177-kilometer distance, 125 races awaited 125 riders in Ózd, then twice in Kazincbarcika, a second speed boat in Farkaslyuk (396 m) and two third-class horses in Tardona (304).

BikeExchange-Jayco’s slightly lost team bus arrived at the start almost at the last minute, but Dylan Groenewegen and his companions were finally able to set off at a stage beginning in clear weather. Four people escaped the day, including Aaron van Poucke, a red-jersey driver leading the mountain points race, and the chase was led by Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl and Israel-Premier Tech, in keeping with the tradition of the past few days, releasing the lead for two minutes. .

The riders watched the riders from a horse-drawn carriage or from the top of an off-road vehicle, and more and more people looked at the field on the circuit at each pass.

The escape was caught by the field after the last climb of the Tardona ascent, and since Van Poucke won all three of his mountain hairs, he secured his first place in the category. BORA-hansgrohe and Israel-Premier Tech picked up the pace on the uncategorized slope of Dédestapolcsány, and although there were attempts to escape to the plane, the sprinter teams neutralized them all.

As expected, he decided to go to the field where, in the fight for first place, the yellow T-shirt Jakobsen was slightly stuck between his lead man and the cordon, so that the two, which had not been successful so far, won the battle between the two of them.

The 905-kilometer-long Tour de Hongrie will end on Sunday with a royal start from Miskolc, with an 184-kilometer distance in Kékestető, covering the 2751-meter level difference.

(Cover image: The Dutchman Dylan Groenewegen won the fourth leg of the Tour de Hongrie road bike race on 14 May 2022. Photo: Dario Belingheri / Getty Images)

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