"Earth Hour": TN turned off the lights of their studies to accompany the initiative

earth hourglobal action on climate change, began this Saturday March 26 at 8:30 p.m. and the team of TN joined to participate in the initiative. At that moment, the lights of the television studios went out to accompany this proposal that turns 15 years old.

The slogan was turn off the lights and unplug all electrical appliances for 60 minutes on a certain moment. It aims to make society aware of the need to adopt measures to polluting emissions, as well as save energy and reduce light pollution.

I also read: “#KMPorElPlaneta”: a global blackout is carried out to raise awareness about climate change

This year’s phrase is #KMPorElPlaneta, which consists of “Going around the Planet” adding up the 40,000 km that its perimeter represents. This is considered the most widespread and important environmental awareness campaign worldwide.

different historic buildings and monuments turned off their lights around the world this Saturday, among them, those of the city of Buenos Aires. The obeliskin downtown Buenos Aires; the Woman’s Bridge, in Puerto Madero; and the Floralis Generica and the planetarium, in Palermo; and the Art Factoryin La Boca, are some of the emblematic places that remained in the shadows.

In Vicente Lopez, TN showed the start of the race that took place in the Palermo forest area, where runners participated for climate change.

Other activities that were carried out for “earth hour”

  • silver: The lights of the Municipal Palace, located on Calle 12 between 51 and 53, also remained off at that time.
  • Silver Sea: In the Torre Tanque and in the Municipality of Puerto Iguazú, a planting of native trees was carried out on the grounds of the Municipal Sports Center.
  • rosary beads: The Paper Boat and the Palace of the Lions (headquarters of the Executive Power) turned off their lights for 60 minutes.
  • mendoza: the lights of the Goverment house in adherence to the global campaign.
  • ushuaia: the lights of the emblematic sign with the name of the city went out.

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