Economist Nikolaev advised not to rush to buy and sell currency

Russians should not rush to buy and sell foreign currency now. About this in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets told economist Igor Nikolaev.

According to the expert, when thinking about buying foreign currency, one should keep in mind that severe restrictions can be introduced at any time.

“Ask yourself the question: did you buy the currency – and what’s next? Roughly speaking, will the dollar suddenly be banned? I don’t want to say that the chances of such a stalemate measure are high, on the contrary – in the foreseeable future it is extremely unlikely! But six months ago, this option seemed fantastic, and today we are at least discussing it,” Nikolaev explained.

For this reason, the economist recommends buying dollars or euros only if you have free money, and otherwise, wait to see what happens next.

“Whatever one may say, rubles remain the national currency, we will live on them,” Igor Nikolaev emphasized.

The expert also advised not to rush to sell the currency.

“We see that now the restrictions are gradually softening, therefore, nothing will prevent selling dollars later. Well, if the ruble weakens further, which seems to me quite likely, then it will be more profitable to sell dollars,” the economist said.

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