Ed Sheeran paid the medical bills for the recently deceased singer The Wanted

As reported by the Index, Tom Parker, a 33-year-old singer from The Wanted, died of brain cancer after his long-term illness on March 30th.

In October 2020, Tom Parker, known as a member of The Wanted boys team, was found to be suffering from a serious illness. The singer logged on to her Instagram page after a long hiatus to let the public know she was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. He then gave an interview to OK magazine about his illness with his wife, in which he recounted what he went through when he found out he was struggling with a terminal illness.

They pulled the curtain around my bed and said brain tumor. I could only think of what the hell ?! He was said to have fourth-degree glioblastoma, a deadly disease.

Ed Sheeran’s help meant the world to Tom Parker

As the saying goes, “a good friend gets to know him in trouble,” the singer struggling with the disease may have experienced on his own skin after the shocking diagnosis. In his memoir, Parker, who died at the age of 33, he praises the goodness of three-time Grammy Award winner Ed Sheeran, as his friend helped him pay his hospital bills after various treatments, which was a huge help to the singer and his wife at the time, writes The Sun.

I’ve never said this in public and will probably be angry that I do it now, but Ed is a very special person. It helped with my medical bills when I looked for other treatment options and went to private immunotherapy. He didn’t have to do this, yet he did what the world meant to me and my wife, Kelsey.

Parker, who died in March after starting a diagnosis, wrote in his memoir.

The friendship between the two singers began nearly 10 years ago, when Wanted and Ed Sheeren toured together and have since nurtured a close relationship with each other. Tom Parker announced just days before his death that he wanted to publish his memoirs, with the memoir expected to be released in July.

(Cover photo: Ed Sheeran, March 29, 2022. Photo: Joe Maher / Disasters Emergency Committee / Getty Images for Livewire Pictures Ltd)

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