Edi Zunino's harsh message for the resignation of Viviana Canosa: "Raise crows and they will eat your eyes"

Viviana Canosa’s resignation from A24 and the abrupt end of live with you After a year and a half on the grid, it generated a great revolution both in the media and on television. On Friday night, after not going on the air as usual, the journalist resigned through a Twitter thread. The decision was made after the production did not allow him to include in his editorial the videos of the moment in which a group of people insulted Sergio Massa during a public act. In the midst of a heated debate where censorship became the main issue, Edi Zunino shared his blunt opinion through the same channel.

On Saturday afternoon, Edi Zunino replaced Martín Candalaft -who is on vacation- in the leadership of All in one. After welcoming the audience and having a pleasant chat with the panelists, he referred to the events that caused so much commotion the night before.

“Everyone on the portals and on social networks is talking about the fact that Viviana Canosa resigned from A24 last night. There is a topic going around about freedom of expression and it would have been strange to come here to cover Martín Candalaft without saying anything at all. I am a journalist who has, I don’t know if he has a track record, but at least a few years in this game”, he said, by way of introduction.

The harsh message of Edi Zunino for the resignation of Viviana Canosa

“I think we are living in a country that is too tense, too much fought, too much to the whores. We have confused criticism with bullying. We live in the country of ‘the cat’, ‘the mare’, ‘little advantage’ and a number of epithets that only serve to disqualify the other”, he expressed, referring to the multiple derogatory nicknames that were assigned to some of the politicians over the last few years.

“Now, what exactly happened? I personally know that it was suggested to us from the content management of A24 that publishing escraches does not sit well with the company. And so it was that this week, when there were many escraches, we said ‘it’s okay, if they don’t like it we won’t publish it’, because the notion is that it can generate and reproduce violence. And since I am not sure that this is not the case, because my impulse is to publish everything that happens, perhaps with the sanctimoniousness of someone who believes that we are all in a position to perfectly understand everything that the media bombards us with all the time,” he said.

And continued: “There are others who think that bombing with violence generates more violence and here we had escraches to: Ginés Gonzáles García on top of a plane, Patricia Bullrich escrachadas in La Matanza, Juan Grabois escrachadas in the National Congress when the whole procedure of resignations of Sergio Massa to the presidency of the Chamber and his own deputies bench. There were some twenty or twenty-five crazy people at the door of the Casa Rosada grabbing it with mobile people from all the channels, chroniclers, politicians, etc. There was also an escrache in Rosario at the inauguration of a train together with Alberto Fernández, a escrache for Sergio Massa”.

Listing the multiple episodes of violence in recent days, he said: “Just so you know, we didn’t publish any of those. I insist, I would have published them all. ButWhere is it written that a company that owns a media outlet cannot tell its journalists ‘I, as the owner, want such things not to be published on my signal’? And I’m not talking about Daniel Vila. I’m talking about him, Daniel Hadad, Jorge Fontevecchia, Héctor Magnetto. Another thing is if that becomes a ‘this is what you have to publish all the time’, something that I give you faith and you are free to believe what you want, in this signal it does not happen”.

The harsh message of Edi Zunino for the resignation of Viviana Canosa

By way of closing and something else, he shot: “To the authorities of the channel if I have something to tell you about the Canosa issue and I hope I don’t have to talk about this issue again: raise ravens and they will eat your eyes.”

After his release, he gave way to the news like every afternoon, but before saying goodbye, shared with viewers the statement they sent from the direction of A24 regarding the spread of escraches.

It read: “Given the profuse dissemination of street videos taken by strangers with cell phones generating escraches with violence not only verbal, but also physical to public officials, politicians and leaders in general and then uploaded to social networks, the company has taken the decision not to spread them. This is due to the agitation that these unknown individuals cause with their aggressions at a time when the country requires the collaboration of all political forces and society in general to maintain social peace and respect for institutions.”

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