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Editrudis Beltrán closes campaign for UASD elections

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With a call to modernity and to recover the prestige of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), the candidate for the rectory of that house of studies, Editrudis Beltran He closed his campaign this Sunday with an act in which representatives of more than 25 movements of teachers, students and administrative personnel participated.

The professor raised the need for the UASD be transformed into a modern academy, that is a benchmark of modernity and that is the center of debates on national issues that interest the country.

Speaking before hundreds of supporters at an event in Great HallBeltrán affirmed that in next Wednesday’s elections he is the favorite candidate, so he has no doubt that he will win in the first round.
The comedian Cuqión Victoria and the singer Niní Cáffaro, among others, participated in the act. (KEVIN RIVAS)

“This is the most interdisciplinary team that I have seen in the more than 40 years of teaching life and it has been thanks to their efforts that all the polls confirm the resounding victory in the first round, of all, listen to me well, of all the candidates of the Triumphant University Coalition”, said.

He stated that the UASD it must regain its prestige, that it be the center of national debates on societal issues because its because the purpose of the university is to do science and use all available resources to support development agendas for the benefit of the people.

“We have proclaimed that the UASD must return to its greatness and everyone here knows that this metaphorical expression means that it is our mission to recover the spaces that we have lost as an academy and revive our contribution to national development”Editrudis BeltranCandidate for rector of the UASD

He announced that within the immediate actions that he will take when he assumes the rectory the UASD are the designation of the commission that will start the work for the gradual dismantling of the teaching loadthe formation of the committee responsible for initiating the work of reviewing the academic programs of the nine faculties.

Also establish the new protocols that will have an immediate impact on the overcrowding of classrooms and relaunch, without delay, the program “Happy Employee”, as well as the vehicle and housing fair projects for teachers, and administrative servants.

“When we consult the Uasdian family, that is, you, about which issues are most urgent today, 38.9% have told us that more innovation is needed in the UASD and 29.4% indicate that our university looks weak in the field of research, while 22.2% consider that it is absent in public debate”, he said.

According to a study carried out by the Cibao Economic Center (CEC), Beltrán and allies lead the preferences to win the elections scheduled for June 15 of this year, obtaining 67.2% of the total votes, while their closest contender would reach just 32.8%.

His closest contender is Jorge Asjana David, who promised to improve the quality of teaching offered at the UASD.

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