Governor Reinaldo Azambuja (PSDB) during an interview this Monday (21).  (Chico Ribeiro)
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Meeting took place on Sunday night, at the request of the governor-elect who called to talk at home

Governor Reinaldo Azambuja (PSDB) during an interview this Monday (21). (Chico Ribeiro)

Governor Reinaldo Azambuja (PSDB) revealed that he has been meeting with governor-elect Eduardo Riedel (PSDB) to exchange information. “Of course he has consulted me. Last night he called me to his house to exchange some information and discuss some names that after December 16 he would like to announce”, said Azambuja during an event at the Legislative Assembly.

He added that the experience of 26 years in public life is one of the reasons that lead to believe that Eduardo Riedel has asked the governor’s advice. “I made some suggestions, but the decision is up to the governor. The good thing is that we have a great harmony to be able to discuss who will be working from January 1st for Mato Grosso do Sul.”

Asked about the names mentioned in the conversation between the two Azambuja, he was emphatic. “I didn’t suggest any. It was the governor who asked me. We exchanged information about some people to compose the secretariat. I was very clear with Eduardo that the decision is his. Not the governor who is leaving. And yes from what is coming in ”, he reinforced.

For the governor, positions are part of a decision of the elected successor. “When I won 2014 I was free to set up the government and we set it up in a technical way, of course some coexist with politics, but technically we did it that way to enforce the government plan and the applications and commitments we made with the population. With Eduardo it will not be different. I have no requirements. And it is very good to elect a successor with the profile of Eduardo Riedel who is a technician, who knows Mato Grosso do Sul, knows the needs, helped build this moment of growth.”

Governor Reinaldo Azambuja next to the President of the Legislative Assembly, Paulo Corrêa (PSDB).  (Photo: Chico Ribeiro)
Governor Reinaldo Azambuja next to the President of the Legislative Assembly, Paulo Corrêa (PSDB). (Photo: Chico Ribeiro)

Decision – It was also confirmed that the transfer of office between Reinaldo and Eduardo will take place in the Legislative Assembly, on January 1st. “I told him that we jointly made the importance that we are going to do everything here in the Assembly the transfer of office. With respect to the Assembly that has given us so much pleasure in these eight years.”

After that, Reinaldo says he will be available to Eduardo to help at any time. “I told him, from January you know where to find me. When you need any suggestions I will be available. They just sent me fishing again, but when he calls I will be ready to help the State.”

Board of Directors – According to Reinaldo Azambuja, the choice of the Board of Directors for next year does not go through the Executive, as it is a choice of the House of Laws. “You don’t make a unitary government, for a single government. Democracy is a combination of thought forces, in defense of what the Brazilian population advocates, which is respect, freedom, freedom of expression”, he highlighted.

The governor recalled that in the first four years there was a Chairman of the Board from another party, other than the PSDB. At the time Junior Mochi (MDB) commanded the Legislature for four years. “We had an excellent relationship with the assembly during this period. So the president does not necessarily have to be from the PSDB. Of course, being the biggest bench, he has the strength to discuss the spaces.”

For him there are 24 peers and it is not the governor’s support that elects the president, it is the collegiate’s. “The government does not have to make choices for anyone. You have to see who in the political group has better conditions. They will know better to choose what is best for the House.”

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