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Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro spoke about the tensions between La Cámpora and albertismo, and blamed the media

Máximo Kirchner and Wado de Pedro on the anniversary of Comodoro Rivadavia.  video capture

In the midst of internal tensions within the Front of All, the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, tried to tone down the differences that emerged in the coalition after the approval of the according to the International Monetary Fund. “I see it as a discussion within a political front in which there was perhaps a different vision on how to solve a problem that left [Mauricio] Macri”, said.

In statements to C5N, the national official and referent of La Cámpora acknowledged that there was an internal discussion process. “We had different visions,” he emphasized. However, he tried to relativize the impact on the Casa Rosada and, instead, targeted the media.
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“There is a desire in some media to focus on how the problem is solved, instead of putting it on who caused the problem, why it was caused, where the funds went, what was done,” he added.

Máximo Kirchner and Wado de Pedro on the anniversary of Comodoro Rivadavia. video capture

In this sense, the national minister associated the opposition with “corruption”. Although the Frente de Todos has several officials accused of this type of crime, including Vice President Cristina Kirchner, De Pedro focused his darts on the Cambiemos government. “It is the true corruption, which generates structural poverty. It is the corruption that steals 30,000 or 40,000 million dollars”, he remarked.

And he expanded: “It is Argentine history. Some Argentine rogues in collusion with some foreign funds, within the framework of some commissions that they take, end up generating a large debt for the Argentine people.

From Peter it was asked about his position about negotiations with the IMF. “I already said my position”, he pointed out, without intending to go deeper. Despite his enrollment in La Cámpora, the official had surprised the support the agreement with the credit institution. Then, raised the strong questions of hard Kirchnerism. “It cannot be that the joda, or the financial scam that benefited a small group, has to be paid for by all Argentines equally.”

The field official insisted on the inheritance received, alluded to the 54% inflation that was recorded when Mauricio Macri left power in 2019, and the problems generated by the pandemic and, now by the war, although he underlined the burden of foreign debt . “[Hubo] a different view on how to solve a problem left [Mauricio] Macri and that he left Cambiemos, [Horacio Rodríguez] Larreta and [María Eugenia] Vidal, which is Argentina’s over-indebtedness of more than 100,000 million dollars with private creditors and more than 44,000 million with the IMF”.

Although the differences within the Frente de Todos appear as a crucial issue these days, the Minister of the Interior evaded every time he could delve into that aspect, as well as regarding the current problems and the actions of the Casa Rosada. “There is always some responsibility, but we also have to count the good ones. “It seems that the management of government has to do with a political discussion when [la economía] comes with a growth in 2021 of 10%, this year we will have growth too“, he pointed.

March for March 24 Memorial Day.  Column of La Campora
March for March 24 Memorial Day. Column of La CamporaHernan Zenteno

In a section of the interview, De Pedro was optimistic about reaching an understanding between the different sectors of the ruling alliance. “I have no doubt that the Frente de Todos will soon find a way to coordinate a dialogue. [Y esas charlas] that they are healthy, [espero que] some are given indoors to generate more tranquility”.

In the recent mobilization for Memorial Day, the tensions within the Government were externalized. La Cámpora took the opportunity to show his muscle and direct several messages against Alberto Fernández. “[El modelo] it is with the people inside”, affirmed -in this sense- the leader of the organization, Máximo Kirchner, in an interview with the militants. He also referred to “the fights” that his space gave to establish his position regarding the IMF. “You choose: the TV studios or the street and the people”, pointed.

Wado de Pedro echoed a statement by the mayor of Quilmes, Mayra Mendoza, in the framework of the March 24 mobilization. The communal chief, who is also a member of La Cámpora, had told C5N that it was uncomfortable for Peronism “to live with 50% poverty.”

Of course. What Mayra says is very true, and we are reversing it”, considered Pedro. “That is the data and we are going to solve it. I put the focus on the government that Macri left us, with a debt, which is going to compromise generations of Argentine men and women, plus a dismembered industrial system, ”he added.

The leader supported the lawsuit filed by Alberto Fernández to investigate the taking of debt during the previous government and targeted judges and prosecutors. “The Judiciary continues to be an accomplice of a financial system, which breaks the pockets of all Argentines and Argentines every 15 years, I think that’s where the problem lies,” he said.

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