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The Education City Stadium is located in the middle of a university campus, in the city of Al Rayyan, and is one of the jewels of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

It has a state-of-the-art cooling technology for the benefit of fans, players and referees, since in Qatar high temperatures are suffered all year round.

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(Photo: Videolab)
(Photo: Videolab)
(Photo: Videolab)

It is inspired by the geometric shapes of traditional Arab architecture and its façade exhibits triangles that form geometric patterns similar to diamonds. They change color with the movement of the sun throughout the day.

The stadium will provide sporting infrastructure for the entire QF community, including its faculty and students.

(AP photos)
(AP photos)

How to get to the Ciudad de la Educación stadium?

Access to the stadium is easy thanks to the connection to the Doha Metro. The Ciudad de la Educación station, also called the Green Line, is only 500 meters from the venue. Single tickets for the Doha Metro are priced at QAR 3 (USD 0.82) and daily passes at QAR 9 (USD 2.47).

Fun fact about the Ciudad de la Educación stadium

At least 55% of the materials used for its facilities were extracted from sustainable sources and 28% of the construction materials are recycled elements.

What matches are played at the Ciudad de la Educación stadium?

  • November 22 Group D: Denmark-Tunisia (10:00, Argentine time)
  • November 24 Group H: Uruguay-Republic of Korea (10:00, Argentine time)
  • November 26 Group C: Poland-Saudi Arabia (10:00, Argentine time)
  • November 28 Group H: Republic of Korea-Ghana (10:00, Argentine time)
  • November 30 Group D: Tunisia-France (12:00, Argentine time)
  • December 2 Group H: Republic of Korea-Portugal (12:00, Argentine time)
  • 6th of December round of 16: 1F-2E (12:00, Argentine time)
  • December 9 Quarter finals: W53- W54 (12:00, Argentine time)

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