Eduin Caz surprises by dancing in women's clothing in full concert

Mexico City.- All the fans of Firm Group and Eduin Caz gathered at the Sun Forum of the CDMX to enjoy the presentation of their favorite band, who delighted them with all their hits, so those present danced and sang the approximately two hours that the concert lasted.

It is known that the grupera band has scheduled a series of concerts in the capital’s venue, which will take place from March 24 to 26, and one more for May 7.

The Grupo Firme vocalist showed what his fans throw at him. Photo: Special.

The first event was quite a sensation, because it was more than what his fans expected, since during the concert, Eduin Caz He took some time to thank his fans, since all the tickets were sold out in 45 minutes, an unexpected situation for the musicians and they were very happy to see the response of his followers.

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During the show, the members of the group had several costume changes, showing off royal blue outfits, then they changed as cholos, they also wore typical Mexican costumes, but the moment that took the night was when Eduin put on an intimate garment of a woman on his head and began to dance.

Not caring if his fan was wearing a thong, Eduin Caz put it on as a hat and danced. Photo: Special.

This happened almost at the beginning of the concert, during one of the first songs,

when unexpectedly a super fan plucked up the courage to throw her panties at him, literally.

It was a red thong that surprised Eduin Cazwho upon receiving it showed it to the entire audience and immediately, and almost without hesitation, put it on as a hat and continued with the show.

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