Effective women who achieve successful negotiations

Gender inequality is expressed in all social sectors. Access to the labor market is no exception but, of course, it is much more acute in management positions in companies that generally still follow being led by men.

Ultimately, it is about having a broader and more holistic vision at the business level in order to grow and be able to face current challenges and, of course, with the purpose of always putting together the best group of people with teams that are increasingly efficient ones that manage to adapt to the vertiginous changes in the country and to the technological advances that are growing faster and faster.

Only 5% of those who preside over the thousand companies that bill the most in the entire country are women

Gender diversity enhances and enriches the talent of teams and of course leaders, and we must be aware of the number of aspects and capacities that both men and women have and that help to strengthen organizations. It is because of that, promoting their development in an egalitarian way can achieve a broadly competitive advantage at work level.

Many companies today find it necessary to adopt leadership that includes empathic capabilities and more systematic vision skills. Many of these techniques are characteristic or adopted in women, since it is proven that they tend to naturally express these conditions innately. At the same time, in the collections sector, these capabilities are extremely useful to achieve, for example, better negotiations and management agreements.

Women who build spaces for the future

The presence of women in leadership positions drives inspiration, motivation and also serves as an example for young talents. Today and increasingly, there are many women who prioritize their work and professional careers and guide their path to hierarchical positions. The key to achieving greater gender equity lies in providing tools, equal opportunities and having self-confidence. For this reason, it is necessary to have a broad and diverse team, with leaders who can motivate and make the work environment a space that allows everyone to feel actively included, with equal access to opportunities and resources to achieve more and better results than culminate in successful negotiations with each client.

*Verónica Palmero, Director of Human Resources at Estudio Palmero de Belizán & Asociados (EPB&A).

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