Egbert Lachaert: “De Bleeker will have a prominent place in 2024”
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Former State Secretary for Budget and Consumer Affairs Eva De Bleeker will have a prominent place in the 2024 elections. That is what Open VLD chairman Egbert Lachaert promised on Sunday in The Seventh Day on a.

Eva De Bleeker resigned on Friday after her position had become untenable due to some budget errors. Her successor, Alexia Bertrand, was immediately appointed and sworn in.

“Eva is a friend of mine and will remain a friend,” Lachaert said on Sunday. “I promised her a number of things. For me, she remains a talent that we must nurture in Flemish Brabant, a province where we are strong, and she has all my support to get a prominent place in 2024.”

However, the dismissal was inevitable, the chairman indicated. “Had we gone further in the coming weeks, the damage for Eva De Bleeker as a politician would only get worse,” he said. “We had to stop and ensure that the damage to Eva and Alexander (De Croo) does not increase further.”

The new secretary of state, Alexia Bertrand, will keep her party card from MR, but her loyalty will now lie with the Flemish liberals, Lachaert made clear. “Alexia Bertrand is a member of Open VLD and her loyalty, in this mandate as Secretary of State and as a party person, lies with the Prime Minister and with the party.”

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