Egon Rónai also remembered Krisztián Berki

As Rónai writes: Krisztián Berki jumped up a bit and maybe left the live broadcast, because he undoubtedly understood the appearance and the attention of the audience. The ominous dialogue took place as follows, but Krisztián Berki’s answer began:

No, I haven’t suspended yet. So anyone can attack with this. But, Egon, I feel like I’m not sympathetic to you, and I know what your problem is. The fact that I’m a Franciscan drucker and you’re from MTK, so talk to yourself instead.

Without waiting for an answer, Berki, who looked upset, jumped up and stormed out of the studio. Egon Rónai continued on his Facebook page:

He was truly a personality, even if his way of life and way of thinking was very far from mine. He was only 41 years old, with two young children left behind.

My condolences to the family.

(Cover image: Egon Rónai. Photo: Tamás Kaszás / Index)

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