Egypt denounces attack that killed 11 soldiers in Sinai

The Egyptian army announced on May 7 that a rebel attack in the Sinai had left 11 dead in its ranks – 10 soldiers and an officer – and 5 wounded. In a statement, she said the attack took place at a water pumping station east of the Suez Canal, without giving further details. According to local sources contacted by Associated Press, it would be an ambush in the city of Al-Qantara.

The Emirati newspaper The National observed that the large number of deaths suggests that “The militiamen attacked in force.” It is “one of the heaviest tolls in the ranks of Egypt’s security forces in months, and it should prompt a very strong response from the government.”

In fact, the next day, see the title in a new postPresident Al-Sissi, who had quickly sent his condolences to the families of the victims, chaired a meeting with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces

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